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January 24th – February 23rd, 2019

THURSDAY, FRIDAY 12:00 – 20:00

Queen of Blades 35cm x 50cm pencil, color pencils ink on paper 2018

On Thursday 24th January 2019, at 19:30, is inaugurated to Alma Gallery Athens, Marios Fournaris’ solo show with the title “Hiraeth”. Artist is going to present paintings, drawings and installations.

Marios Fournaris appears extremely lucid about his morphoplastic intentions and aspirations, setting up in parallel, a comprehensive filling and formatting, a conceptual prehension, mature in connotations and multiple readings. Large section of artist’s works, include wall-mounted or three dimensional installations, in which mainly he articulates – assemble various niggling and raw materials as well as objects from real life, with cognizance, sensitivity and lateral thinking, and at the same time with “anarchist” and subversive disposal. His artistic proposals reveal a wide range of references extending into innovative and radical experimentations and movements of 20th century art. Exceptional drawing precision, purity of color, technical excellence and subtlety, are those elements that directly and vividly enforced, characterizing his painting compositions which are opened to a world of evocative images, in an area of life’s allegories: love and death, alienation and time, technology and machine, anxieties of existence, emotional and mental manifestations and behaviors. Fragmentary forms, symbols and cultural memories, function as the keys of a pictorial code. Beauty and sensuality of themes and their visual performance, the richness of inspirations, the surrealistic juxtaposition or the combination of heterogeneous images, the diffuse romantic spirit, intensify the ambiguity and the especial vibe of Marios Fournaris’ painting, introducing the viewer to an entirely unexpected and paradoxical visual and mental universe, leading him to redefine deeper, to seek hidden secrets and traces of an inner path.Yannis Bolis, Art Historian
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Where The Music Goes When We Don’t Listen, 90cm x 78cm x 12cm, Wood, Iron, Cotton, Metronome, Fabric, Fiddle Stick, 2018


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