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Hildy Maze painting with excerpt from “As It Is” by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.

We need to understand what mind essentially is. In this world, mind is most important, for the simple reason that it is mind that understands and experiences. Besides mind, nothing else perceives anything. The 5 outer elements of earth, water, fire, wind, and space do they feel anything? in truth, there is nothing other than mind that experiences.

earth whispered it hurts everywhere 2010. 48x62JPG 2earth whispered it hurts everywhere

The whole universe is made out of the 5 major elements, which in themselves are insensate; they don’t know anything. Likewise, the physical bodies of sentient beings are made out of the 5 minor elements. In their properties , the bones and flesh are the same as the elements of earth. Blood and the other liquids resemble the element of water. The temperature of our body is essentially the same as fire. Our breath is wind, while the vacuities in the body, the different openings and hollow places and so on, are in essence the same as space. These 5 elements can’t experience, they don’t perceive anything whatsoever. Unless there is a mind in that body, the body itself doesn’t feel anything

My work is driven by a curiosity into the investigation of mind thru art. None of us can avoid thoughts, but through awareness of our pitfalls, beauty, strengths and weaknesses we can open windows into the mind. The core of my contemplative art practice is to visually embody our blind spots as a result of our thoughts. I am interested in the study of how the mind works as a means of gaining insight, how we communicate, how we create identity through form, emotions and consciousness, and how we hide in that creation. I work with blurring the distinction between making and un-making, extending the boundaries of image, inviting viewers to go beyond the boundaries of the image. Essentially this work is about all of us and the empty, clear and unconditional nature of mind we all have. When we know the nature of our mind we will know the nature of our world.

Hildy Maze

The outer major elements and the inner minor elements are also similar in structure. Our body with its flesh and bones can be compared to the surface of this part, with its soil and rocks. The greenery and shrubs growing on the hillside can be likened to our pores and small hairs. There are forests outside and we have hair growing on our head. Whenever you dig into the ground you usually find water, at one point or another. Similarly,if we ever make a hole in our body, some liquid will start pouring out. The heat of our body has the same property as heat found anywhere else outside. The wind that moves through our lungs is the same wind or air outside. The vacuities are the same as empty space. There is a very strong resemblance between inner and outer elements. In a sense, they are identical, in that the elements by themselves do not perceive.

X_IMG_2253.JPG as the earth is poisoned so am I 72 x 84 2007_2 2as the earth is poisoned so am I

We also have 5 senses, 5 sense doors-eyes, ears, nose,tongue, and skin, with its ability to perceive texture through touch. However, these five senses really don’t experience anything themselves. If there is not a mind or consciousness connected with the 5 senses, the sense organs by themselves do not experience. A corpse has eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, but if you show something to a corpse, even if the eyes are open, it doesn’t see anything; nor does it perceive sound. A corpse has no ability to smell or taste, and if you press the body it doesn’t feel the touch either.

Then there are the 5 sense objects, the impressions we get of the physical forms seen through the eyes, sounds heard through the ears, the different flavors we can taste through means of the tongue, the fragrances sensed through the nose, and the textures we can feel through the body. These objects of the 5 senses are also not cognizant. They don’t experience anything at all. Unless there is a mind to perceive them, the objects by themselves don’t perceive. A sentient being is basically made out of nothing other than mind. Apart from this mind, no thing in this world experiences anything at all. Without mind, this world would be utterly empty. there would be nothing known, nothing experienced. Matter would exist, of course, but matter doesn’t know anything, it is totally empty of consciousness.

Excerpt from As It Is Volume 2, by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

Hildy Maze is an American artist with Turkish, Russian, Austrian heritage. Born in Brooklyn, NY she received a BFA from Pratt Institute. For many years Hildy lived and worked in her loft in Tribeca, NYC before moving to East Hampton L.I. NY where she currently works and lives. Her work is influenced by her 25 year study and practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Reflecting on her years with Trungpa Rinpoche and her ongoing meditation practice and study she absorbed and translated into her process and images what he transmitted, along with her personal experience of the recognition of the awakened nature of mind. Ms.Maze has exhibited her work throughout the U.S. including NYC, Long Island City, Brooklyn, California, Bejing, China, Cologne, Germany and the Eastern End of Long Island. She has won numerous awards and is in several private collections in the U.S, Europe and Asia.

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