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hatched 2017 a new platform to develop, make and promote art addressing women issues

curator: Maga Esberg

As part of the Oxford International Women’s Festival and International Women’s Day, new exhibition HATCHED 2017 will showcase work by local and global artists on the theme of women’s issues, from 22 February to 11 March 2017 at the North Wall Gallery, Oxford.

Private View of HATCHED 2017 on Friday 24th of February 6.30-8.30 pm with Maga Esberg’s It (‘s a ) girl! performance at 7 pm.

Using a variety of media including photography, installation, sculpture and video works, a total of 30 artists have engaged with this year’s themes of ‘Women Thinking Big in the Arts, Science, Politics & Education’ and ‘#Be Bold for Change’.

Neural Connections, Mary Rouncefield

HATCHED curator, Maga Esberg said: “It seems more urgent than ever to find ways to communicate female experience whether it is our private daily domestic struggles or more extreme social injustice. Battles we once thought were won, inequalities that we believed were behind us have re-surfaced. The artists in Hatched 2017 aim to be part of this dialogue, to communicate their concerns. Concerns which are personal to them and their experience but reflect on the wider issues. These works don’t standalone they are part of a bigger movement of women globally intent on being heard. Several of the works in HATCHED 2017 resonate with me as a woman, an artist, a daughter… whilst other pieces open up new and unknown experiences and horizons. I think we are all ready to be #boldforchange! Enjoy HATCHED 2017.”

Participating Artists:
Jenny Lewis, Fiona Yaron Field, Nimmi Naidoo, Maga Esberg, Harriet Rutter, Hugh Palmer, Natasha Solomons, Mary Rouncefield, Gill White, Liz Watts, Jezella Pigott, Jane Wafer, Nia Walling, Lis Meaney, Rachel Gregory, Jenny Wylie, Maeve Bayton, Maria Kapajeva, Annie le Santo, Nasreen Shaikh Jamal Al Lail, Maryam Majd, Jess Shaw, Esther Johnson, Iris Zaki, Roberta Orlando, Pedad Seiquer, Jumana Hokan

HATCHED 2017 Events and Talks
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