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Group exhibition “Its art call 2019”

20 November to 24 November 2019

It’s Art Call is an International Contemporary Art Prize and exhibition based in London, organized by: The Cult House in collaboration with Runway Gallery. Our open call and exhibitions promoted so far, a vast range of artists both National and Internationally, enhancing their profile since 2016, and collaborating with the newest and trendy companies for each edition. For this year’s edition, we had shortlisted a group of 30 emerging artists that will exhibit at a group show, and where the three winner Artists will be officially announced. The winners will exhibit at the Blacks Club in Soho London, early next year, where the final prizes will be allocated per artist.

20 November to 24 November

Opening times:
Thursday 11am to 8pm
Friday 11am to 7pm
Saturday 11am to 8pm
Sunday 11am to 4pm
At: The Truman Brewery
Dray Walk, shop 8 London, E1 6QL

A.E. Richardson, Adam Warwick Hall, Amy Lague, Brian Reinker, Cherish Marshall, Chris Horner, Chris Koster FRSA, Daniel Pincham-Phipps, Evi Antonio, Felipe Chaves, Frances Featherstone, Gary Nicholls, Guy Chapman, Ian Butcher, Kevin Gavaghan, Kill Mothers In Law, Komal Madar, Lewis John Brooks, Linda Burrows, Lindsay Pickett, Lubna Speitan, Mad Bu, Marius Els, Melody Thornton, O Yemi Tubi, Sarah Lim-Murray, Sarah Thornton, Stanley Black, Tamara Savchenko, Tanya Solonyka

O Yemi Tubi, The Glamour and the Sexual Abuse in Hollywood, 2018

Judges & Organisers: J A Neto – Founder of The Cult House. Daniel Syrett – Founder of Runway Gallery.
Judge Panel Members: Oskar Krajewski – Artist Winner of It’s Art Call 2018.
Adam Rutherford – Founder ABC Art Brand Communications.
Angela O’Farrell – Manager Director at TI Media Group.
Holly Howe – Freelance Art Journalist for many renowned publications.
Leah Michelle – Artist, Curator, Co-Founder of NAF, TAF and Sussex Art Fairs.
Lee Sharrock – Global Creative PR Consultant, Curator and writer.
Lydia Kaye – Magazine Editor, specialized on Art & Fashion History.
Mara Alves – Contemporary Art Senior Curator and Head of Art Projects.
Nat Rubinstein – Head of Business Department at Tagsmart.
Pandemonia – Multi-media conceptual Art. Quentin King – Fine Artists & Founder of Harwood King Printmakers.
Sue Dray – Artist & London Creative-Contributor to Fashion.

The Cult House – It is a creative group connecting people in various artistic disciplines (arts, craft, design, writing, music and performance) with commercial and social events.
The Cult House started its collective on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn, where presents daily tips on several art topics and use all them to help on the promotion and network to get more visibility for our artists. The website went live on April 2014, and since then The Cult House is increasing their International online artist collective. The collective aims to boost visibility online as much as possible for the company and more importantly, for the artists within the online gallery. Maximizing all our connections and advertising the artists’ profiles as well as important events.

Runway Gallery is a fashion focused art gallery and the virtual home of Beautalism, a new and emerging art movement acclaimed for bringing beauty back into the London art scene.
Made up of a group of artists who stand as the antithesis of the urban, East London art movement, the creations of the Beautalists are far from gritty. The artists themselves are a diverse group of eccentrics and misfits, who use an array of mediums. As such their art ranges from the traditional to the obscure, but one thing they all have in common is a drive to elevate art by returning to beauty.
Through creating artworks that are both decadent and attainable, Runway Gallery and the artists of Beautalism have a unique contemporary perspective of art. Through merging art with fashion, they invite the viewer to see art both as beautiful and for everyone to enjoy. Their aim is to roll out exhibitions, events and art that the public can relish and engage with.

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