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“Gravitational Waves” Serie

Cascione & Lusciov present a new series of hand-pulled 50 × 70 cm format screenprints. Printed on 310gsm Magnani 1404 Incisioni paper with deckled edges. Each print is signed and numbered. Limited edition of 10 or 5 each.
The first copies have just been acquired for the museum’s collection of the ICG Istituto Centrale per la Grafica, Rome.

The series draws inspiration and its title from Albert Einstein’s prediction on the existence of gravitational waves about a hundred years ago.

A gravitational wave is an invisible ripple in space propagating in all directions away from the source and the events that trigger them are among the most powerful in the universe: colliding black holes, merging or exploding stars, and possibly even the birth of the Universe itself. These cosmic ripples would travel at the speed of light, vibrating space-time geometry and carrying with them information about their origins as it traverses intergalactic space.

“Gravitational Waves” can be viewed as both a continuation and a progression of Cascione & Lusciov’s past works, in which pure and abstract form portray the immateriality of space and time. Many sculptural works have featured highly reflective, metallic surfaces with fluid, liquid state appearance, yet in this new body of work Cascione & Lusciov incorporate bold and minimalistic graphical elements to transfer their organic and biomorphic forms to two dimensions, thus making the invisible forces become visible and mesmerizing.

The detection date of every discovered Gravitational Wave event is indicated by its designation. Subsequently, the artist’s decision is based on the same concept of encoding the exact date of the print creation into the title.

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