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GlueHeads Project

One Day, One Exhibition, One Zine

GlueHeads is a wandering contemporary collage project.
The core concept and process is: One Day, One Exhibition, One Zine.

The objectives of GlueHeads are to:
– promote and encourage artists through the circulation and propagation of works
– create entirely new works in a spontaneous and collective environment from shared materials
– build communities of artists and galleries engaged with collage

In the gallery during the daytime, the artists create the collages that will be shown to the audience at the end of the day and that will eventually comprise the next edition of the GlueHeads zine. All artists bring their own materials, however there is also an emphasis on sharing, collaboration, and creating a collective stew of raw and unexpected creative ingredients to draw from. As the exhibition opening time approaches, all artist materials are packed away and the best collages are displayed in anticipation of the public viewing. Around 6 months later a compilation zine is published consisting exclusively of collages made on the day. The ambition of the GlueHeads zine is not only to document these ephemeral works, but in consideration of the zine medium, to also be considered a substantial and comprehensive work in itself.

GlueHeads Abroad

In 2017, I plan to bring GlueHeads to Istanbul in Turkey, Teheran in Iran, and Tétouant in Morocco. I didn’t pick these cities at random – I consciously selected these locations because I feel that there is an underrepresentation of visual culture exported by these country’s emerging art scenes. After living in Istanbul for one year in 2010/2011, I noticed there is a gaping hole between the Middle Eastern arts and culture we hear about in Europe and what is actually happening in the region. This problem is made more complicated by misinformation on both sides – some regimes in these countries often subject their press to strict censorship rules, whereas Western critics are often guilty of only portraying their own preconceived ideas of foreign cultures. As such, holding real-life interactions with artists in these countries becomes the most effective way of educating and establishing meaningful exchanges with each other. From a curatorial view, I am strongly interested in engaging in cultures where images are controlled and different artistic approaches can actually create socio-political conflict. This kind of control can create different notions of art to our own – for example, Iranian contemporary art can be viewed as an expression of freedom of speech, without regard for profit or accolades from the international art scene. Although I cannot completely predict how GlueHeads will be received in these cities, I believe that we can only break down our exotic views of art in these cultures by fully immersing ourselves in situ.

The treatment of collage work and research will be particular and unique to each city. Due to the different partnerships and collaborations present in each location, it is intended that the resulting works shall reflect the artists’ own particular environment and situation.

GlueHeads back in Berlin

For me, the main goal of traveling with GlueHeads is creating a back and forth exchange between known Berliners and new artists from Turkey, Iran, and Morocco. I plan to bring as many zines as possible from these countries back to Berlin, and the publication of the GlueHeads zine showcasing the work of these new artists should further enlighten Berliners to these previously undiscovered artists. This special ‘travel edition’ of GlueHeads would also make its way back to Turkey, Iran, and Morocco, thus completing a kind of feedback circle of exchange. Finally, after my travels, I could foresee making an exhibition in Berlin featuring both artists from all the visited cities alongside Berlin-based practitioners. I have already contacted a few Berlin galleries (Vesselroom, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien) about making this proposal a reality.

Anelor Robin


A project curated by Anelor Robin She is a freelance curator/artist from France based in Berlin. She consider the exhibitions she have presented to be a massive collage of different artistic elements. Regardless of the assembled works origin, age, or medium, she consider it’s her obligation to always find the best possible permeation of artists and artworks. Collage, to her reasoning, is the base of all art and creation.

Anelor Robin in Art Reveal Magazine #28
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