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Giovanni Armenio “SOULS”


The artist Giovanni Armenio creates a new series of photographs entitled “SOULS”. This series continues the path of the Italian artist that involves an evolution of his works of digital art and graphics belonging to his “Azurite Collection”.
Some of the photographs of “Souls” have been exposed at art-expo in New York 2015 (in digital exhibition) and an exhibition of international photography in Budapest at PH21 Gallery.


Artist’s statement about “Souls”:

This is a collection of photographs that allows to my digital works to be transformed into photographic portraits, changing the stylistic aspect and also their meaning by making it more profound and mature.
“Souls” is based on three fundamental subjects: the Artist (God), the Wind (the Soul) and the Light (the Art);
I am very satisfied of my collection “Souls”, it looks nice and interesting and expressed my thoughts that I have released in interview for Art Reveal Magazine issue 2:
– Express yourself … you can transform part of yourself in art, to capture fragments of your life and leave them forever as a portrait of your soul – and I’m glad to have made this.
Giovanni Armenio_SOULS

from left to right: Soul of Blue(Artist series); Soul of Wind; Soul of Light.

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