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Gesturism Art makes Modern Art new and spontaneous

Gesturism art is a creative celebration of the limitless gestures of all living beings, from birth to death.

Sen Shombit is a French artist of Indian origin. He has created Gesturism Art, a new style that has paintings and “desordre” installations.

In “desordre” installations, the public are invited to unscramble the original theme of the painting as well as recompose it in any way they want to within the subject given by the artist.

gestVisitors at Sen’s exhibition 2015 in Carrousal du Louvre, Paris unscrambling his desordre installation.

The Gesturism art manifesto comprises of:

  • Impromptu and unprompted
  • Boundless energy in human conduct
  • Dynamic, awash with essential pulsations
  • Shock of the difference
  • Handmade craftsmanship, free of manipulative digital art

Arrival and merging of migrants since ancient times from Greece, Africa, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, Europe and more recently 200 years of British colonization in the Indian subcontinent has created a heterogeneous population of extreme diversity over time, like no other in the world. Aside from religious differences in India, every 500 kms, the language, food, culture and behaviour of its 1.2 billion population change radically. This often results in unpredictable physical disorder in every aspect of life. But India is still the world’s biggest democracy and the values of love, affection and inclusiveness are highly treasured among its multiple cultures. So the concept of désordre installations represents Sen’s country of origin with its natural propensity to develop different visions of any single reality.

One theme, varied perspectives: A “désordre” installation is a specific innovative piece that ensures Sen’s art is not static. The “desordre” concept reflects people’s extensive gestures and their purity of imagination. Its newness is that in a customized magnetized frame, a set of canvases are connected to one another which viewers are invited to physically touch and rebuild the painting with gloves on. Viewers can discover the artist’s original theme or create thousands to millions of versions because each canvas can move 360 degrees. But the output will always be one unmoveable visual piece of art. Collectors can even regularly change the placement of each canvas to see the same painting in different perspectives.

Gesturism art is a creative celebration of the limitless gestures of all living beings, from birth to death.

Gesture is among the great human expressions of ideation; from birth to death, uncountable gestures accompany us all the way. Purely based on the artist’s handmade craftmanship free of manipulative digital art, Gesturism is boundless energy in human conduct, alive, impromptu and unprompted, dynamic and awash with essential pulsations. It provokes us to take on challenges, and implement the shock of the difference to make an impact which can sustain.

BEGINNING: Born 1954, Sen lived poverty stricken in a slum-like refugee colony outside Kolkata without electricity, sanitation or potable water. The poor-rich divide was highly pronounced in India’s protected economy then. At age 19, he daringly catapulted himself from this society to arrive in Paris with only $8 and some of his art work. He encountered uncertainty, poverty and big bang culture shock in France. Yet to realise his dream of living in a country of artistic freedom, he has since integrated seamlessly into French society, culturally, socially and in the domain of art. Today Sen is a French national whose work activities has made him travel extensively in all five continents. Obviously then his art reflects extreme heterogeneity with oceanic human contact and explosive colours. From his experience of grappling contradictory cultures, Sen has established his new philosophy of Gesturism art.

So the ideology Gesturism art is inspired by heterogeneous culture combining explosive colours and interaction with the public.

WESTERN ART INFLUENCE ON SEN: Sen had started experimentation with Gesturism art since 1994 in Paris while intensely searching for an ideology to transcend post modern art. He believes a painter’s painting is a weapon to establish an ideology for tomorrow. To arrive at Gesturism, Sen had immersed himself totally in the departure of Western European modern art movements since 1870. All the schools of art from Impressionism to Expressionism, Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Abstract to Minimalism to Neo-Expressionism are embedded in his mind’s eye, from technique to ideology.
From that long and deep soak into the various significant art ideologies, Sen figured out a place for himself in Gesturism, through different types of art like painting, installations, sculptures, using diverse media. In artistic revolt against digital computer art which somehow homogenizes human society, Sen created Gesturism with irregular deliberate strokes. This physical fine art medium stirs up the artist’s singularity and passion, making art unique and authentic. It overcomes our indispensable slavery to digi-tech’s virtual unreality in art.

SEN’S LEARNING IN FRANCE: Sen left India for France without completing his study at Government College of Arts and Crafts in Kolkata. Initial money crunch in France and no immigration papers made Sen do a sweeper’s job in Atelier Gourdon, a lithographic printshop in Cachan outside Paris. Here he met world famous painters Erte, Leonor Fini, Alain Bonnefoit, Jean Carzou, Yves Brayer among others who mentored him. Sen hungrily learnt diverse imaginative metaphors and techniques of art application from the renowned artists while serving them in making their lithographs and watching their paintings. Respecting Sen’s art and life situation, they would buy his paintings, encouraging him to develop his style and painting philosophy. To learn Western European art, Sen got accepted to study in two prestigious Paris institutions, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts from 1974 – 76 and Academie Julian (Ecole Superieure d’Arts Graphiques, Penninghen) from 1975 – 77. His education remained incomplete as he had to pursue applied art activities as a designer for livelihood earning.

Sen in his maison atelier, BangaloreSen in his maison atelier, Bangalore

Sen is a fulltime painter now. Inspired by France and with Indian colours, he was intensely exploring for a vision to transcend post Modern Art which he consolidated into the new style of Gesturism art since 1994. The aesthetics, culture and artistic sense of France which he grew up with has been embedded in Sen’s passion, and is expressed through a riot of colours in Gesturism style. Sen is now experiencing the ideology of Gesturism to carry into different cultures throughout the world

SEN’S EXHIBITIONS: Sen travels extensively for his exhibitions across the globe. In 2015, the 6 exhibitions he had were at the Tokyo International Art Fair, International Art Expo in Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, International Fine Art Masters at historic Castle Hubertendorf in Austria, International Art Fair in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, Fine Arts Academy in Kolkata and the Museum of Arts and Science in Milan, Italy.

Sen is preparing for his solo exhibition in December 2016 in Barbizon, the “Village of Painters” in the cradle of Modern Art in France since 1870. He will also have a solo exhibition in Mumbai in October 2016.

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