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Georgios GreeKalogerakis

Photo by Alex Till

Soon we will release our 11th issue, in the meantime we would like to introduce you Georgios GreeKalogerakis who will be one of participating artists.

Georgios GreeKalogerakis was born in Thessaloniki Greece in 1978. He studied construction techniques with a specialisation in metal construction and worked in the iron-building industry a decade before embarking on a BA degree in Mixed Arts at the University of Westminster.

His artistic nature has drawn him toward different types of art. One of the major influences on his fine art practice has been the use of sound. From 1999, he has engaged with various forms, including painting, drawing, sculpture, video art and sound-clip installation, all of which focus on binary world representation and exploring the emotions and limitations of human nature. In 2010, the artist starts to experiment with both light and sound adding a new dimension to the expression of his multi-cultural music interest. In the following years he further develops techniques that stimulate as many senses as possible. The use of special lighting, sounds and smells, alongside manipulating ambient temperature and floor texture and installing mechanically moving parts, help to expand his limits and enable him to investigate contrasting nationalities, religions, lifestyles and habits.

The artist’s greatest moment during his studies was the “S” project, inspired by ancient Greek pottery and the pediments of the Parthenon. Standing for Stainless Steel Sound Sculpture, the “S” project is based on a mix of all the different fine art forms he has engaged with. Motivated by two-dimensional life stories of glory and mythology, represented in both Greek pottery and Parthenon’s pediments, GreeKalogerakis creates his own contemporary stories, examining big issues relating to religion, art, gender, life and death, always blending the imaginative into the real, binary world.

Stainless steel is not only a luxury but also a vulnerable material and hard to work with, requiring the use of CNC laser cutting, special welding machinery and skills. The artist has chosen the AISI 304 type of stainless steel as it the one most commonly used on all luxury buildings, banks, luxury hotels, yachts and skyscrapers from the early 40s and 50s. The combination of three different textures (mat, satin and mirrored stainless steel) helps to lay emphasis on the characters and objects of the artworks, allowing the artist to manage variable and multiple reflections created by the final piece under appropriate lighting conditions.
The stainless-steel sound sculptures are undoubtedly the artist’s most contained art practice, nonetheless offering the potential of expanding the theory and practice of his art and opening the path for future exploration and development.


Georgios GreeKalogerakis had his first solo show in 2006. Until today, he has taken part in group shows and art fairs in London and Greece. The artist lives in UK, works in his designing studio based in London and his workshop in Thessaloniki Greece


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