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George Androutsos

Athens, Greece

George Androutsos (Athens, Greece) Artist, Painter.

I usually paint and draw faces in an abstract way using pencil, charcoal and chalk on paper. I chose this manner of expression because I believe that it represents the fundamental conflict, black and white, the empty space and the complete, to move and to stop. Τhe anonymous human face has a key role in my drawings. However the person and it passions are nothing but a part of the whole. Real life is what this portraits are about.George Androutsos

George Androutsos was born in Athens in 1976. He has graduated from the School of Visual and Applied Arts (Faculty of Fine Arts) of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki and has got a degree in painting. He has also studied Physics, degree in physics, AUTH and holds a Master’s Degree in the History of Philosophy MA, AUTH. Currently, he is a PhD student in Aesthetic, NTUA. He has written articles in journals and has participated in conferences of Philosophy (10ο Conference of the Philosophy of Sciences, Greek Society of Philosophy-Department of Philosophy AUTH, Thessaloniki. 23ο World Congress of Philosophy , UOA, Αthens 2013. Aesthetic and Morals, ΤSA, Athens 2015 ). He has been working for several years as an associate teacher in primary education. He is a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts and participate in Neutral-ism Movement (by Francesco Perilli). Participated in many group and solo exhibitions.

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