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Geometric impressions of Evaldas Gulbinas


Evaldas Gulbinas – born in Lithuania, currently live and work in London, UK. Graduated from the University of Westminster, London, UK with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Mixed Media. Participant of numerous exhibitions; his artworks focus on painting, sculpture, tattooing and spatial activities.

Evaldas Gulbinas, ‘Ghost’, University of Westminster, London, UK, 2019

The main motif in the artist’s works comprises geometric forms, processed in different ways, constituting elements of painting, sculpture and installation, as well as tattoo art present in the performance. In these works, geometric impressions of Evaldas Gulbinas, we can see a delightful play of colours and forms. Cut off from three-dimensional reality, they attract our attention with precision, brightness and flashiness. Covered with paint like pop art paintings, they bring to mind contemporary artists, where art has emerged from the rigid frames of the picture into the gallery space. In his works, the artist carefully examines geometric forms; confronts their transfer onto the canvas with their representation in three-dimensional space.

Evaldas Gulbinas, ‘Childhood space’ University of Westminster, London, Uk, 2018

Let me take as an example here one of his latest works entitled “Ghost”. We have here a three-dimensional form – but it looks exactly like taken out of the world of flat two dimensions – like from a cartoon. This form, thanks to the artist’s work, gained depth and chiaroscuro effect, gained a new quality. It is no longer just a flat spot but a 3D object. Not only that as thanks to the artistic move – which was placing the sculpture on a mirror pane – we see it again translated into a two-dimensional image – but now the illusion of space is preserved. The artist seems to be playing a visual game with the recipient. Aesthetically, his works are close to the trends of the Pop Art and Minimalism, which we will find, among others, in the works of an artist Yayoi Kusama; or even to the Superflat trend – represented and invented by Takashi Murakami.

In the works of Evaldas Gulbinas, particularly interesting seems to be the direction in which they evolve. Their strong expression allows for a purely intuitive reception. Undoubtedly, it is worth paying attention to this promising artist of the young generation.

I often analyse my experience, and based on that I focus more on creativity and materials to use in creating such beautiful work. I have found a relationship between material and ideas. I like to explore more of art through life.Evaldas Gulbinas
Evaldas Gulbinas Official Website

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