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Gatehouse Publishing presents Ibiza Nudes

The first two volumes of Ibiza Nudes will appeal to an audience that loves the feminine form, as well as art lovers with an eye for the unique. Lavishly printed and beautifully designed, the Ibiza Nudes series makes for a perfect addition to any photography or coffee table book collection.

Gatehouse Publishing is honoured to present Ibiza Nudes Volumes 1 & 2, the first two instalments of a gorgeous and artistic nude photography book series that celebrates female beauty, strength, grace and sensuality whilst paying homage to the raw, tender and ravishing glory of Ibiza.

Ibiza Nudes Volumes 1 & 2

An homage to the island of Ibiza highlighting the synergy between femininity and nature

Ibiza Nudes Volumes 1 & 2 are the culmination of a five-year-long project by fashion and portrait photographer Diane Betties. This compelling selection of beautifully shot nude images elegantly celebrates the imperfect beauty of the female body whilst exploring the diverse and raw appeal of Ibiza’s extraordinary landscapes.

“Like Ibiza’s raving allure, female beauty often comes into play in unexpected and wonderful ways. A lot of my work is about capturing beauty in its imperfect perfection and dynamic transience, and so allowing people to take notice of unconventional forms of female appeal.” says Diane Betties.

With the Ibiza Nudes series, Diane wants to expand upon the dialogue that is continuously whirling around about the female form.

Diane adds, “I photograph the female body because the images of women have always been controlled by men. Women are usually the photographed and not the photographers, and I’m trying to take back what belongs to women and explore what it means to have a body that isn’t defined and changed by the vision of men.”

“Imperfect, impermanent and incomplete, yet elegant and graceful” are adjectives that Diane uses when describing her muses. As a woman photographer who captures female nudity, she refrains from the objectification of the female form, and instead creates striking and compelling visuals that pay homage to the poetry and grace of womanhood in all its uniqueness. She also pushes the boundaries of socially accepted beauty standards by showing freckles, scars, birthmarks and the like in order to encourage the audience to see them as beautiful, as she does.

The first two volumes of this stunning photographic series are produced with high quality materials, such as understated clothbound covers in complementary blue hues that call to mind the Mediterranean Sea, and depict photography in vibrant colors, as well as black and white.

Both luxurious hardcover books have 152 pages and feature over 80 photographs. Retailing for EU€59, UK£43, US$64.95, AU$85, HK$460, Ibiza Nudes Volumes 1 & 2 can be purchased at bookstores and lifestyle boutiques around the world, as well as online via IbizaNudes.com and Amazon.com.

Lavishly printed and gorgeously designed, the Ibiza Nudes series is a photographic masterpiece that appeals to a wide audience – whether you call Ibiza your home, are an avid photography lover or collector of fine nude art, this book is a must-have in your photo book collection and will forever change the way you view the female body.
IBIZAnudes IBIZA nudes

Photographer | Diane Betties was born in East Germany and began experimenting with photography at a young age as a way to hold onto life’s intimate, fleeting moments. In her work now, she still looks for those moments, which are reflected in her unique aesthetic and distinct photographic style of natural beauty and clear composition – effortless, confident and optimistic, yet calm and sensual. She held her first exhibition in London in 2012 and divides her time between Berlin and London.

Creative Consultant | Anigue Meutémédian Malignon has always been inspired by detail, color, texture and form. A Paris-based art director, she specializes in creating elegant, refined and poetic graphics, images and designs that are trend-forward and client focused. Anigue has worked with luxury fashion and beauty brands such as Hermès, Kenzo, Lancôme, Lancaster and Calvin Klein.

Publisher | David Leppan is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and publisher with a love of art, architecture, interior design and photography. His association with Ibiza goes back 30 years. His children were all born on the island and it is one of the places this global nomad calls home.

Gatehouse Publishing is an award-winning, international book publisher based in Asia, with a focus on cuisine, travel, lifestyle and the arts. For over a decade, its boutique, award-winning series The HUNT Guides has offered readers insight into unique, independently owned dining, shopping and lifestyle experiences around the world. Previous titles include award-winning SAKE: The History, Personal Stories and Craft of Japan’s Artisanal Breweries by Elliot Faber, Hayato Hishinuma and Jason M. Lang, Dim Sum: A Flour-forward Approach to Traditional Favorites and Contemporary Creations by Chef Janice Wong and Art Plural by Michael Peppiatt. With headquarters in Singapore, it also offers bespoke publishing services and content solutions for exceptional global brands.

Tyler Shaw, Senior Marketing Associate, Gatehouse Publishing

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