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It’s a never-ending game of disintegration. I challenge the viewer by not living up to his or her expectations. I am denying the satisfaction of solving the riddle, hidden within the depth of my artwork.” By turning his filmic cabinet of curiosity into an intriguing jigsaw puzzle of hybrid geometric patterns, Joas Nebe teases the viewer into accessing his game. He believes: “Riddle games of this kind spark creativity and pass on the role of the artist to the viewer.

Joas Nebe will be the main artist at the ninth GAPE event on 20th march 2016.

The artist will present his latest drawings work called “Portraits of the dirty 99%”, “Superwomen = Superheroes”, “Engimatic Cartons”, & mysterious and horrible film work presented the first time to the public in this terrific combination. Among them THE CAMEL GAME and THE GRAMMAR SERIAL/GANGLAND.

Anna Corpas Sanya, art historian, is going to deliver an intro speech about the artist´s work.

“GAPE is Berlin´s creative lounge. One Saturday per month from January 2016 to June 2016, gape will once again expose audiences to 4 hours of cutting edge experimental improvised live performing arts, as well as onenightonly exhibitions, installations, video works and live music. Each month a selected visual artist will be exhibited, with these works providing the theme for development of up to 6 site and time specific performances per month. gape provides a new platform for genre defying contemporary works, offering artists a expansive platform in space to present, network and collaborate, and offering audiences the complete immersive experience inside a yet to be confirmed location. gape is a non-profit event seeking to utilize the networks of Berlin’s vast creative pool. ”

Joas Nebe website

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Plateau Gallery

Gottlieb-Dunkel Str. 43 /44, 12099 Berlin

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