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Gabriel Feracci in International Glass Art Award

Congratulations to Gabriel Feracci for participation in International Glass Art Award – 21st June – 26th September, Glass Pavilion “Hans-Schmitz-Haus” in Rheinbach, Germany!

Gabriel will present his work “Souffles”

Gabriel Feracci is particularly interested in what we can call the critical threshold, a kind of special state, a precise moment, somewhere between tension and balance. This artistic practice allows some situations on the edge to be upgraded and shown off. The artist aims to reach the threshold and breach’s tender spots, by using unexpected material usually not made for this kind of handling.
The main purpose of this artistic work is to draw audience into some deep straight feeling. Only the danger’s impendence is able to reach this thrill. On that behalf, this artwork is obviously playing on the edge tirelessly looking for its own limits.
Whatever the emotion has its origins in technical, physical or mental effects, this limit is the one dimensional array of it. It’s also dreadfully risky. However, the potential and permanent danger must only be felt and not met.


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