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FutureFest Art Prize: Open Call for Artists

Nesta and Sedition are pleased to invite international artists and creatives to submit work to the 2016 FutureFest Art Prize. FutureFest is a weekend festival of radical ideas, compelling talks and interactive experiences designed to inspire people to question and shape the future. The third edition of the festival takes place at Tobacco Dock in London, 17-18 September 2016, and will be programmed around four themes: Love, Play, Thrive and Work.

Submit your digital videos and images through Sedition in response to one of the four programme themes. Twelve works (three for each theme) will be shortlisted and exhibited at the festival. A panel of judges will shortlist the best work for each theme and the final winners will be announced at FutureFest after a live public vote. Winners will receive a £500 cash prize and the opportunity to launch their work on Sedition with promotion to an international audience of art collectors and digital innovators.

Judges include:

Ghislaine Boddington, Co-founder and Creative Director of body>data>space, Reader, CPDA University of Greenwich (and curator of the FutureLove theme at FutureFest 2016)
Paul D. Miller, artist, writer, musician known as DJ Spooky

Ruth Amos, Managing Director of StairSteady Ltd (and curator of the FutureWork theme at FutureFest 2016)
Tom Berman, artist and engineer


Pat Kane, writer, musician and consultant (and curator of the FuturePlay theme at FutureFest 2016)
Claudia Hart, artist, curator and Associate Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Dr Morgaine Gaye, Director of Bellwether: Food Trends (and curator of the FutureThrive theme at FutureFest 2016)
FIELD, a specialised creative studio in London that combines art and technology

Deadline to apply is: 10 June 2016, midnight GMT.
For questions regarding submissions, contact: artist-support@seditionart.com



Who can apply?

Any artists from anywhere in the world with original artworks that respond to one of the four FutureFest themes: Love, Play, Thrive and Work.

What formats are accepted?

Videos must be a maximum of 3 minutes in length in HD 1080p video 1920 x 1080, MOV, MPEG or MP4. Most codecs are accepted, the preferred codec is H.264.
Still images must be a minimum of 3000 px width, PNG or JPG.

How are the works judged?

Works are judged on the relevance to the theme and the quality of work.

Is there a fee for making a submission?

No, there are no fees for submitting artworks. There is a section in the submission process where you can select the price of the work you would like to sell your work, when you artwork is approved. This is not a fee, but the price of you would like to sell your works on Sedition.

How to submit?

  1. Go to www.seditionart.com/submit/futurefest
  2. Sign-in or create an account
  3. Check the T&Cs and click Get Started
  4. Select an artwork to upload and click Upload
  5. Add a name and description for your artwork
  6. Check the box to submit to the FutureFest Open Call and select the theme you are submitting to in the drop down
  7. Select a price from the options and click Submit For Approval
  8. Complete your profile by uploading a profile picture and biography, signature and banner and click Save
  9. You will be notified about your submission via email.

What are the four themes?


Love is universal, ubiquitous, cherished deep inside us, always in our dreams, the imperative emotion that we yearn to experience and express. Future Love offers multiple diversities – it provides opportunities for us to change our identities, hyper-enhance our sensualities, relocate the boundaries of our relationships. We will look beyond the physical, merge with the virtual, be intimate with the synthetic, touch and feel at a distance, date anonymously, implant our bodies.

Curator: Ghislaine Boddington
Keywords: romance, dating, identity, non-binary, robots, avatars, skin


93,600 is the estimated number of hours an average person spends working in their lifetime – and this is set to increase in most countries. FutureFest showcases the ideas and pioneers at the forefront of workforce culture, the work environment and technology. As technology advances, we ask: will there be jobs for us? With self-employment on the rise and zero hours contracts becoming the norm, how can we navigate a drastically different future of work? What will the office and commute be like, or will they exist at all?

Curator: Ruth Amos
Keywords: education, the office / work environments, technology, women, entrepreneurs, developing markets, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths)


Play and games are the building-blocks of human creativity – it’s the way we naturally explore the life-options before us. But, new technologies of all kinds (digital, robotic, biological) are amplifying our appetite for experiment and competition – in other words, for ‘play’.

FutureFest will bring together the players – in sports, artificial intelligence, computer games, organisations, science and the arts – to demonstrate how play and games are becoming our key tools for navigating the possibilities of the future.

Curator: Pat Kane
Keywords: gaming, sport, performance, imagination, playfulness, creativity, education


Future Thrive is an experiential and sensorial journey into how we will develop and thrive in a world years from now. A physical and organoleptic experience of health, wellness, body tech, genetics, food and smell. As tastes change, societies grow and the current status quo is disrupted, how will our genetics influence our shopping habits? What will we eat? How will the future smell? Will our homes function in a completely different way? Will we thrive or merely survive in this brave, new world?

Curator: Dr Morgaine Gaye
Keywords: food, health, scent, taste, technology, lifestyle, wellness

About FutureFest

FutureFest is a weekend festival of immersive experiences, compelling performances and radical speakers to excite and challenge perceptions of the future. Taking place every 18 months, FutureFest is hosted by Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation. This year’s event will take place at Tobacco Dock in London 17-18 September 2016 and will be programmed around four themes: Love, Play, Thrive and Work.

Since its inaugural event in September 2013 and repeated sell-out success in March 2015, FutureFest has seen Dame Vivienne Westwood and Edward Snowden discuss the future of democracy, legendary funk musician George Clinton take attendees on a journey through space, time and music, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC examine power structures in the face of globalisation and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and social entrepreneur and model Lily Cole take to the pulpit to give ‘Sunday Sermons’ about the future.


About Sedition

Sedition is the world’s leading online platform for to artists display and sell their art in digital format for connected screens and devices. Sedition offers everyone an easy, enjoyable and social way to experience art-collecting at affordable prices. The mission of Sedition is to change the art world by introducing a marketplace for artists to distribute their work in the digital age.

Art on Sedition is presented as digital limited editions that exist in the digital realm. Any purchased artworks can be experienced seamlessly across all of your devices including TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers. Works are either streamed online or offline using our free apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung Smart TV devices.

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