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Fun with Collage to Clothing by Abigail Riley

This is an example of a vintage leather purse transformed with metallic acrylic paint

Recently in the last few months, I have been learning new self-taught techniques to rehash damaged vintage purses and jackets. I wipe off with the rag with acetone and that seals the paint on the material. Vinyl, leather, and imitation leatherwork really well and I simply sand the shiny material off lightly. Then I drip paint my design and blow-dry to cause the paint to drip into different shapes and colors. Once I finish a layer and it completely dries on the purse or jacket. The metallic makes an amazing effect and reflects many colors. You can do simple layers or very complicated layers. The items below have more than 10 layers each. I like to combine colors and see what the acetone will do once rubbed off. With the Jean and cloth materials, the same process follows with an exception for the sandpaper. More acetone can be used if there are more layers to thin the paint to the cloth. As seen on the Jean jacket below.

The main purpose of designing this line is to discover new ways of art to expand my art portfolio and also as my collages have resourced a lot of damaged material that would have been thrown away I really enjoy transforming anything into something that someone can look at and view a piece in a different perspective.
I am making a vintage jacket and purse collection for winter and spring. I will be continuing my collages at the same time with a car and sex series to be published in the next 6 months.

Any news since September’s Publish?  I have my art displayed in Easton Wine project an amazing place where art is viewed by many people and there is a lot of buzz around the collages.  I am working on an event to meet the artist soon where I can meet clients and explain my collage process. I have a picture below of the paintings in the space. We loved the article from Art Reveal and enjoy the magazine and I want to Thank You again for your amazing contribution to the society of art!

Art is my life and collage art I have been doing for over 30 years. I grew up always hanging out in art gallery’s and antique stores with my Father a well-known collector in Pittsburgh pa for over 40 years. Now I am starting my dream of expressing art all over the world. I look forward to the next art adventure!Abigail Riley
To all the amazing artist out there follow me on my website . There is a link below called “learn more” where you can view my portfolio or inquire a limited edition print .  All my contact information is on the link as well. I enjoy hearing feedback, comments, and questions! keep creating and spreading the message of positivity around the world.  Love, Abigail
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