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Froso Papadimitriou at Miscelanea Art Festival

Miscelanea Art Club #4
19th September 2015
Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre

‘Home Sweet Home’
Froso Papadimitriou
Wool thread, nails, pins, paper boats on pillow

Thread and pillow, metaphors for life and comfort.

Moving away for home, immigration; for some a choice, a dream to follow and for others a vital need for survival, an escape.

A good night sleep comes when one is at ease and secure, an Asylum Seeker once told me. He recounted that he didn’t use a pillow to sleep for several months even after entering the UK, until the point he finally felt safe to allow him self to submerge in to slumber. This was a side effect of the situation he fled from, where falling in deep sleep and not be fast to react and escape, could have been lethal for him and his family.

‘Home Sweet Home’ represents the hostile environments that people encounter in their homelands and are forced to flee in separate paths, away from the comfort, warmth and security of their homes and loved ones.

Froso Papadimitriou Website

This fall Froso’s artworks was also presented at Deptford X 2015 London’s Contemporary Art Festival and Creek II festival Desires and Disasters exhibition at Undercurrents Gallery

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