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Flexibility during COVID-19 outbreak – Evaldas Gulbinas

Before the locked down in London, England, I’ve caught the last plane to Lithuania, with an idea to tattoo in tattoo studio professionally.

This has happened, I’ve had to isolate self for 2 weeks after had to wait 2 more weeks till the tattoo studios will open in Lithuania. At the same day, studios have opened, I’ve started work there. I’ve been working in Lithuania, Vilnius city for 2 months, till the studios have opened in London, United Kingdom. There in Lithuania, I’ve so much fun and lots of creativity in tattooing.

“Future black hole” series

I have even gone to psytrance festival to tattoo for 3 days in Lithuania, Alanta. The name of the festival was “Pirate camp Festival”. It was in the middle of the forest and a very wild one. I had lots of experience in an artistic way to feel nature and to be back to primitive. I did lots of tattoos as well. But, now I am back to London, United Kingdom as I’ve to prepare for Masters degree at the University of the Arts London at Chelsea camp. I am now tattooing in the studio I’ve worked before (because it’s open now). I will start a Masters degree in Fine art at the University of the Arts London after 2 months. At this time I just started to create digital drawings. Can we make up something digitally? The concept of my current artwork is to create art using today’s environment- lots of things going digitally, even art should. I use science fiction view to the drawing, which technically looks simple, abstract with future motivation and technology taste. I am working on an idea to produce and prepare for the future when art, craft and technology goes crossed. From these digital drawing seems to see a black hole in the centre of the work, which is representing none- future with the circles and lines which makes the process of today’s abstract life. I create a digital drawing with the taste of music vibration. In this outbreak, I do everything in an abstract way- nothing much to think, just do it (life goes on). I wanted to get away from the illustration (as I do tattooing every day which is basically illustration) then go to more imaginative and artistic with “grow artist’s” taste. I basically using a little bit of mandalas motifs to relax myself during this time. The festival Back in Lithuania, Alanta was psychedelic music. This replicates to my current work, but has no colours, as it is a dark moment now. Everything going well now and I’ve time to prepare for the studies. So, as I said I create digital drawings now.

These digital drawings about memorising my wild experience back days in Lithuania. There was a jungle when I Was working in Pirate camp festival-tattooing. These drawings have lot’s of elements of wild animals, dreams, surrealism and not normal reality. I want to show to the viewer today’s situation in the world, where people go mad during Covid 19 outbreak. These drawings have lot’s bright colours with humour elements- to make more fun and have a positive situation to current lifestyle. I think everyone should feel positive, happy and stay strong at the current situation.

Evaldas Gulbinas tattooing at “Pirate camp festival” Lithuania, Alanta in Lithuania.

Evaldas Gulbinas – born in Lithuania, currently live and work in London, UK. Graduated from the University of Westminster, London, UK with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Mixed Media. Participant of numerous exhibitions; his artworks focus on painting, sculpture, tattooing and spatial activities. The main motif in the artist’s works comprises geometric forms, processed in different ways, constituting elements of painting, sculpture and installation, as well as tattoo art present in the performance. In these works, geometric impressions of Evaldas Gulbinas, we can see a delightful play of colours and forms. Cut off from three-dimensional reality, they attract our attention with precision, brightness and flashiness In his works there is a very strong abstract art conception, mixed with contemporary art details such as light sculptures, ideas of minimalism and the relationship between art, craft, and tattooing. Evaldas Gulbinas art is the invisible but feel-able connection with dance and house music – the neon lights of his artworks are pulsating in dance rhythm this way creating never-ending vibration of colours.

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