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Raum für drastische Maßnahmen

The exhibition NO SUICIDE ZONE in the Raum für drastischen Maßnahmen has been very well received. The opening night was a lot of fun and the artist talk the following Saturday was productive and thought provoking. I would like to thank R. for giving me the chance to have the exhibition in their space as well as their help and support. Also great thanks to my team Helene Bosecker and Marie Mergler for their help and support. And of course special thanks to the people who came to see the work and shared their thoughts and opinions. For those who couldn’t make it or would like to have another look we have a Finissage this Saturday, 30th of March starting 7 p.m.


The solo show No Suicide Zone of the Estonian artist Kennet Lekko combines his paintings with an installative approach to the topics he is dealing with. Round-edged and colourful a children’s slide stands for a non-hazardous pleasure which can be repeated over and over again. The little effort by climbing up the ladder is immediately followed by a reward, an experience truly connected to an innocent and protected childhood. Lekko turns the image with his conflictive style and content into a fluffy disaster represented by the broken glass waiting at the fun‘s end and ready to cut deep. The installation is surrounded by his recent paintings dealing with the main narrative of the show: the difficulties, problems and processes we are confronted with while growing up, the realization of having to make important decisions, failing and then getting up to try again.


In late adolescence and early adulthood, the time of constant change and a search for stability, questions of leading a meaningful existence arise in everyone’s mind. The challenge is to figure out a direction for life and this process is often stressful, painful and humiliating. One can easily become cynical about existence when things don’t work out as planned but it is important to get up and try again in spite of challenges. Perhaps the process of the sliding with its fun rush is worth the possibility of getting injured?

With a hint of gallows humour Lekko transforms these dilemmas into an imagery which differs between the omnipresent expression of a superflat pop culture and a seriousness in dealing with existential feelings we are all driven by and drowning in. His starting point comes from observing these processes and his personal experience regarding their dynamics. Out of this the complex symbolic networks reflecting the contemporary struggle of being young and finding one’s place in modern society evolve.

Lekko’s style consisting of bright colours, cartoonish figures and fragmented words on textile or canvas create a strongly associative pictorial realm blurring the lines between high and low culture without choosing a side. By depicting collective memory, transforming the recognition into a new context his paintings show tragedy and humour in balance, let the viewer connect to the imagery and stumble across it at the same time.

Raum für drastische Maßnahmen
Oderstr. 34
10247 Berlin

Kennet Lekko
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