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FAMILY TREE – Donatella Izzo the dark roots of identity.

Curated by Francesco Tutti

Real images, raw and sharp, lacerated, absent or disillusioned, of which entire identity is assigned and returned to a psychological research: a social operation on the unconventional view of the progressive departure from the classic stamp constructive and portrayed rules.

A really mum

Exhibiting at LABottega gallery in Marina di Pietrasanta, from May 20 to July 9, 2017, Milan artist Donatella Izzo’s Family Tree

represents a new and complex photography project centered on the concept of anti-portrait, redefining the contemporary idea of beauty.

Non guardare

In a society dazed by the enforcement of the “selfie” as the only acceptable way of virtual appearance, Izzo reworks a none ethical portrait, shifting the viewers’ attention from the mold to the matter, from an externality to a previously hidden inwardness. Celebrating a new dominant aesthetic where imperfection and singularity become uniqueness: taking pride in the flaws already included in our genetic code.

Elegant and researched, product of a dark process, devious, unpredictable, often violent and impending, FAMILY TREE is Donatella Izzo’s legitimate child. Restless artist, she instinctively experiments with always different expressive and compound techniques, from collage to cut, from abrasion to pictorial intervention which merge indissolubly with the original shot DNA.

Full of symbolism and metaphors, her work drives the viewer to an inner submersion, consisting of universal moods, suspended atmospheres and sacred and almost inviolable moments.

Donatella Izzo – FAMILY TREE
Curated by Francesco Tutti

Where: LABottega – Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca) – Viale Apua, 188
Vernissage: Saturday May 20, 2017 – h 6.30pm
When: May 20 – July 9 – 2017
Schedule: Wed – Thur 3.30pm – 7.30pm | Fri – Sat – Sun 3.30pm – 10.30pm / closed: Monday and Tuesday /


Donatella Izzo (1979) lives and works in Milan. She attended the Academy Of Fine Arts in Brera, interested, since the beginning, in a form of pictorial elaborated photography, with which she won numerous awards between 2006 and 2009. In 2010 the artist got rid of her predominant pictorial manipulation and moved to a technically more pure photography but still full of metaphorical value. In 2011 she started showcasing her work internationally in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Rzeszòw (Poland), New York, along with many exhibits in Italy. The artist’s works have been purchased and added to both private and public collections, the latest one is the Senigallia Museum of Photography’s collection.

Donatella has been recently interviewed by the English magazine Art Reveal, who also dedicated her its cover. She also appeared on the renowned Italian publications: Vanity Fair Italia, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Il Giornale and numerous online magazines.

As one of the most interesting Italian artists, the prestigious blog “Collezione da Tiffany” included Donatella in the 12 best up-and-coming artists, including her in their 2016 “Collector’s Catalogue”.

Donatella Izzo

The cardinal’s conceit, Donatella Izzo, 2017

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