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[Fairy Living Forest] inside Seattle Public Park

The temporary project, “Fairy Living Forest”
September 1 -October 14, 2020

Naoko and Ken Morisawa of Edmonds, frequent contributors to art installations in the Seattle city, have a new project at Salmon Bay Park in Ballard. The temporary project, “Fairy Living Forest,” was funded by the City of Seattle’s Park and Recreation department. The project was originally scheduled for May, but due to the coronavirus and the Morisawas’ trip to Japan, it was delayed.

The project features five original mosaic artworks placed on trees at Seattle Ballard Park.

When seen from a distance, my artwork looks like a painting. The details of the work and mosaic technique slowly emerge when the viewer comes closer. Look closely and see the vibrancy and movements of the wood patterns. By using wood mosaic I can show life and energy. I can talk about life and the energetic atoms inside my work with my tiny wood slicesNaoko Morisawa

These five mosaic plaques by artist Naoko Morisawa offer park-goers a chance to escape as they enter “The Forest Where the Fairies Live”. Morisawa likens the experience of discovering the five fairy windows installed throughout Salmon Bay Park, to the experience of finding a birds nest within a tree. Reminding us of all the wonder and whimsy that exists within our everyday.

With over five-thousand and seven hundred entries and from 100 countries around the world, Naoko was selected as one of the 154 finalist artists to exhibit artwork at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the Art Olympia International Biennial 2019, Toshima- Tokyo, Japan by a panel of well-known art curators and judges. New York judges including; Florence Derieux (The director of exhibitions at Hauser & Wirth,  New York , Ex- Curator of The Centre Pompidou Foundation),  and Brett Littman ( The Director of the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum, New York) and international judges lnclude Emmanuelle Lequeux ( Art journalist for Le Monde, Paris), Chu Teh-I (Director of Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taipei), and Zheng Lin ( Owner / Director of Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing/ Bangkok/ Hong Kong). as well as 5 leading Japanese curators and mastered artists. The exhibition in Tokyo, Japan is held in June, 2019. 

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