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Evgenia Emets | Eternal Forest project in Gois, Portugal

The project explores our relationship with the forests through poetry, visual art, film and participatory action.

Art Residency in Raizvanguarda

As part of Raizvanguarda art residency in Gois, Evgenia worked on a film interviewing people from the local villages. Inspired by their memories, stories and visions of the forest, she created a series of poems and visual works. The project involves working closely with the local community, exploring our relationship with forests, creating a gathering and an art installation inside one of the local natural forests.

The project takes place in Gois, Portugal, which suffered unprecedented fires in October 2017 due to decades of unsustainable forestry practices and widespread eucalyptus monoculture in Portugal.

Eternal Forest, Evgenia Emets, 2018

The voice of people. The voice of forest.

The artist together with Raizvanguarda invites people to enter the forest – to listen and hear the voice of the forest and tell their own stories of the forest. A site-specific art installation, a ‘time capsule’ will represent a snapshot of the voice of the local community, based on these stories.

The project is intended as a long-term durational piece, tapping into the idea of longevity of the forest, sustainable foresting and guardianship from the local community. This ensures continuity of the art project and hope of local community reconnecting to the forest on a deeper level.

Filming Eternal Forest, 2018, Photo by Fernando Antunes Amaral

Alongside the site-specific installation and gathering in the forest, drawings, poetry and calligraphy created during production of the project are be exhibited Casa do Artista in Gois. The screening of the short version of the film ‘Eternal Forest’ will take place at Auditório da Casa do Artista. The film was done in collaboration with Fernando Antunes Amaral. The long version of the film will be completed later in the year.

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