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‘Event of the Month’ by The Exchange project

You are invited to ‘Event of the Month’ by The Exchange project on Thursday 17th of March at 6pm, hosted by Carolina Khouri artist and author of the ‘Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami’ publication.


The event is commemoration of the 11th of March 2011 tsunami and earthquake disaster in Japan and includes an art exhibition and a fundraising event in aid of Momo – Kaki Orphans Fund in Japan, gathering funds for the orphans of Tohoku Earthquake. The event will be accompanied by homemade Japanese delicacies by Norico Uchima, self-taught nutrition guru and vintage clothing dealer.

The Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami is a project based on the series of painting inspired by haiku (a traditional form of Japanese poetry). In the light of the tragedy of the Earthquake the artist dedicated the series to the victims of the disastrous events.

In addition, the book of the series, which is available at The Exchange at Brunswick East, was published in limited edition, proceeds from which are donated to Momo – Kaki Orphans Fund in Japan. The Fund supports scholarship of the Great East Tohoku Earthquake’s orphans. Haiku Prelude – Haiku Kami is an ongoing project since 2012.

Carolina Khouri is Polish – Lebanese artist based in London. For last 6 years she lives in the most creative North London warehouse community at Manor House. She is a member of art groups: Page 6 and The Magma Group and since 2012 she is a director of Haringey Arts CIC.

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