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APRIL 11, 2022
8281 FM279
Edom, Texas 75754

An art gallery is not a space for retail; it is an arena for culture. Becoming a venue would seem to summarize the aspirations of all involved because it is exclusively dedicated to supporting quality art while building on a foundation laid by J.Howard, Kerian Massey, and Sharon “Blu” Walker.

Stacey Watkins Martin

J.Howard is a Texas artist whose portfolio is often at the heart of the work presented with versatility, range, and passion that surely would provide visual pleasure to any visitor. She is recognized by institutions from all over the world for her singularity and consistency. Howard and her partners believe in the possibility of enthralling the world once more through art because that is what a true gallery owner should want.

Along with J.Howard is her long-time friend and partner, Kerian Massey, who is one of the best graphic muralist around. Massey’s work can be seen around the state, larger than life. Her work sets her apart from most in her genre as she uses three dimensional elements to create visuals that truly stand out in a crowd.

Teri Jordan

Singer/Songwriter Sharon “Blu” Walker comes onto the new combined creative landscape showcasing her original American Roots sound. Born from influences in classic country and 70’s folk, Blu’s new work brings her to the East Texas stage with an eclectic blend of song and verse, providing sound to the visual artistry exhibited in the gallery.

The doors will open with 15 of the best talent around, full of passion for their style and medium. Nancy Beauchamp, Martha Boles, Gayle Bone, Debbi Elmer, Mary Geisler, Phyllis Gunderson, Dennis Howard, Stacey Watkins Martin, June Holloway, Terri Jordan, Joy Pfefferkorn, Mike Tate, and Leslie Jo Wheaton, combined with the musical performances directed by Walker, will encourage a constant curiosity that will push the gallery forward. And by uniting live original music under the artist umbrella, Edom Art Emporium brings something that is long overdue to Edom.

Mary Geisler

Edom Art Emporium has set the bar high in its desire to become a driving force within the visual and performing arts movement. In a true collaboration, they have defined a set of criteria, in order, to ensure true loyalty to artists, commitment to shared success, solid ethics, real accessibility to the public, services to collectors and more. As a result, the venue will bring all the elements together at Edom Art Emporium to enhance every aspect of the experience. The real goal is to do it differently. In a market dominated by wild personalities and free spirits, the owners are steadfast in their conviction to make Edom Art Emporium stand out among the colorful crowd. Reopening April 11, 2022. 8281 FM279 in Edom, Texas.

Kerian Massey

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