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Edgelands 2017 tour travels to Hartlepool

Day Bowman, Dan Coombs, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Lee Maelzer, Sean Williams

24 MARCH – 27 MAY 2017

Edgelands presents the work of six painters who explore and document the wastelands and neglected environs to be found on the margins of urban living. Housing estates, out-of-town retail parks and industrial areas are the great ‘unnamed and ignored landscapes…places where our slipstream has created a zone of inattention’*.

Rainy Day, oil, charcoal and conte on canvas, 152 x 168 cm on canvas. Day Bowman

Edgelands continues is U.K. tour and travels to Hartlepool where it can be seen in the magnificent gothic-inspired spaces of Hartlepool Art Gallery.

Participating Artists:

* Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts, co-authors on the book Edgelands.
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