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The organizing team of ECHOS+NETZE
photo: Tali Tiller

We invite you to check out the ECHOS+NETZE exhibition/audiofestival release.

Vernissage: Friday 20th November 5pm
ECHOS + NETZE: 20.-22. November

ECHOS+NETZE, the queer audio festival, was taking place between the 20th and 22nd November 2015. Queer means lesbian, gay, trans*. For us, queer also means taking the other perspective, thinking outside the box, and resistance. International artists responded to a sacred space via their sound installations and sound performances. (…) ECHOS+NETZE means hearing, listening, reflecting and exchanging. ECHOS+NETZE also means connecting and networking.

Das Trans*tonale Hörfest Berlin
Kunstquartier Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin



Alex Giegold, Anaïs Heraud, Till Baumann, Ann Antidote, Lun Ário, Antje Meichsner, Shannon Soundquist, Bassano Bonelli Bassano, Chris(tina) Caprez, Dan Bahl, Dirk Kretz, Georg Weckwerth (TONSPUR), Arturas Bumšteinas, Guillermo Lares, Jana Debrodt, Jutta Ravenna, Katrin Köppert, Omar Kasmani, Todd Sekuler, Juli Saragosa, Marion Fabian, Malu Förschl, Martin Deckert, Mischa Badassyan, MissterDean, Sissi, Stefan Roigk, Sybille Pomorin, Wolfgang Müller

Information: Lotte Knold
Photos: Tali Tiller

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