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An exhibition at Aberglasney House and Gardens, Carmarthenshire
29 April – 5 May 2016

– Opening night performance from international dancer and choreographer Yong Min Cho
– Ritual led by celebrant Sophie Bold
– Leading Welsh artists featured including Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Sarah Rhys
– International artists including Sung Young Park, Soon Yul Kang and Ezio Cicciarella
– Established and emerging artists including Jonathan McCree, Joshua May and Jojo Taylor
– Street Artists including Joyce Treasure, Carlos Cashiero and founder of Street Art collective Psychodoodlz, Marc Craig
– Outsider artists including Swci Delic, Johnny and Stucky
– Shamanic artists including Imelda Almqvist and Ingress Vortices

static1.squarespace.comCarlos Cashiero, Tyre Totem (2015) spray on tyres

Sacred Art promises to be exciting, magical and provocative. Not only does it ask the question ‘What is Sacred Now?’ It engages with a multiplicity of living artists from widely different beliefs, backgrounds, cultures and disciplines.

Following the success of recent exhibitions of Aboriginal Australian and Celtic Art at the British Museum and Folk Art at Tate Britain, Sacred Art responds to the growing public hunger for objects, ideas and experiences whose value is not measured by money alone.

This exploration of the Sacred is more intriguing because the concept has been overlooked by recent art trends towards cynicism over belief, nihilism over meaning and shock over meditation. Sacred Art brings together tales from the street and outsider art, such as 18 year old Johnny, who has autism and communicates mostly non-verbally, and Swci Delic, former member of rock band until a brain tumour stopped her music and she was compelled to paint.

The rise in awareness of art from other, non-western cultures has seen people remember and re-engage with ideas of spirit-reality. Such ways of considering the world are both pre-historic and utterly present; influences are as modern as quantum physics, digital technology and genetics and as ancient as goddess culture, shamanism and folklore.

Co-curator and artist Nick Taylor says of the event, “It is an honour to be able to bring together such a talented and diverse group of artists, positively inspired to ask ‘what is Sacred now?’ Transformation, magic, meditation, wit and exuberance are ingredients long celebrated in art. With Sacred Art, they abound”.

Artists: Alan Williams, Ally Jay Phillips, Billy Moore, Birthe Nissen, Bupjeon Sunim, Carlos Cashiero, Cecilia Rouncefield, Celia Dowson, Chae Hee Jung, Chang Sook Lee, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Erica Frances George, Ezio Cicciarella, Fiona Sant, Giusi Tomasello, Graham Ward, Imelda Almqvist, Ingress Vortices, INK, Jeon Je-Woo, JFM Masson, Jocelyn Chaplin, Johnny, Jojo Taylor, Jonathan McCree, Joshua May, Joyce Treasure, Lawrence Nash, Lu Wray, Marc Craig, Mark Timmins, Miche Follano, Oliver Ashworth-Martin, Peter Hanmer, Philippa Sibert, Sarah Rhys, Soon Yul Kang, Stucky, Sung Young Park, Suzanne Rees Glanister, Svetlana Bogatcheva, Swci Delic, Tina Reid, Vidyakaya, Yong Min Cho, Young Jin Choi and Zara Kuchi

static1.squarespace.comSwci Delic, Crazy Plane Gwyrdd (2014) emulsion on canvas

Nick Taylor (INK) is the co-curator of Sacred Art, published author and Sacred Artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally and lives in Wales.

ArtOneSpace is an international art venture aimed at linking and exhibiting artists worldwide across disciplines with the aim of bringing Sacred Art to public attention. ArtOneSpace is delighted to be a partner of the inaugural Sacred Art exhibition at Aberglasney.

Aberglasney Gardens can be dated to 1477, were said to be cursed as multiple owners became bankrupt over the centuries, fell to ruin and wilderness in the 20th century before being restored in the 1990s under a charitable trust.


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