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Domestic & digital art by Evaldas Gulbinas

Evaldas Gulbinas is currently studying for a master’s of Fine art at the University of the Arts London. Currently living in London, Uk. Evaldas is a tattoo and fine artist working through sculptures, tattoo art, paintings, digital drawings, drawings, installations, and mixed media work. His work could be contextualized as “Chaos in making”.

Evaldas Gulbinas, photo taken by Fredi Mecaj

Evaldas usually exploring concepts of ideas such as humor, love, chaos, irony, happiness, and confusion. Taking inspiration from daily life motifs, which is punching to create in any environment. As well Evaldas inspired by music and movies, which gives the visions and ideas to make art. At the moment, in London is an outbreak, where tattoo studios and universities being closed down. Evaldas Gulbinas finds domestic materials to create art. Work conveys the idea with the relationship between materials and concepts. Making art from apples, bananas and mixing with materials such as acrylic paints or metal wire, gives an aesthetic view of the artwork. The food is used to make art, where the playfulness starts. “Anything could be art what we touch”. This work could be described as mixed media, as you you’re using many different materials. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Evaldas Gulbinas trying new possibilities to make art out of it. “- I feel I am stuck in my room, where I can use anything I want to make artwork. I need to stay at home due to pandemic…” Free minded ideas could be mixed with materials which are matter to the artwork. Simplicity plays a big part in the artworks. Evaldas often drawing digitally to get quick ideas for his sculptures or mixed media work.

By drawing digitally, Evaldas created an iconic imaginative character. The character in his digital drawings replicates daily life motifs, by expressing them with irony, humor, and love situations. The persona in the drawings could look “mad” which is funny. It gives the opportunity to express today’s situation of irony in the world due to pandemics. Evaldas using creativity to “run away” from reality and move on artistically. Using domestic materials and making digital drawings makes playfulness of imagination. It gives the opportunity to reinstall objects in the head. It gives satisfaction to explore and express concepts of the art. Makes art and ideas unique. “- I believe art could be played, as music, just needs to let the free mind to go”. Using digital and domestic materials to create artwork could be a fight itself, which is an interesting combination. Two different materials to play with. “- I often analyze my practice through media, to create art”.

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Evaldas Gulbinas – born in Lithuania, currently live and work in London, UK. Graduated from the University of Westminster, London, UK with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Mixed Media. Participant of numerous exhibitions; his artworks focus on painting, sculpture, tattooing and spatial activities. The main motif in the artist’s works comprises geometric forms, processed in different ways, constituting elements of painting, sculpture and installation, as well as tattoo art present in the performance. In these works, geometric impressions of Evaldas Gulbinas, we can see a delightful play of colours and forms. Cut off from three-dimensional reality, they attract our attention with precision, brightness and flashiness In his works there is a very strong abstract art conception, mixed with contemporary art details such as light sculptures, ideas of minimalism and the relationship between art, craft, and tattooing. Evaldas Gulbinas art is the invisible but feel-able connection with dance and house music – the neon lights of his artworks are pulsating in dance rhythm this way creating never-ending vibration of colours.

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Evaldas Gulbinas, photo taken by Fredi Mecaj

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