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Domain_Material presents: Reference Point

20 Feb – 1 March 2020

This exhibition is a culmination of the 6-week residency of Amy Gillies and Chloë Hurst at One Paved Court. During the residency the artists have developed their work into a project that questions how we receive, perceive and understand information and the political implications of these questions. The artists began by investigating various individual testimonies: Stanley William Renwick, a surgical appliance maker and former inhabitant of One Paved Court, Donald Ward, a poet, and Joseph McQueen a union mineworker, antecedents of Amy and Chloë respectively.

Reference Point explores the variety of ways in which we can interpret data, imagery and sound to create new work. Over the past six weeks the project has developed from the original case studies into a larger exploration and process-based investigation. Expanding the methods with which we communicate narratives. This has allowed the artists to translate the original subject matter into contemporary artworks that speak to the political present.

Reference point is an exhibition by Domain_Material (Amy Gillies & Chloë Hurst) in collaboration with guest artists including Bronwen Sharp, Maria Celina Val and The II Platform (Andria Kyriakidou and Shahrzad Jahan). These collaborations have produced works that are driven by interaction, improvisation and rejecting a singular voice.

These collaborations include:
Research Publication Is There a Poundland Around Here? (2020) The II Platform. The artists used their personal untold family stories as the source to investigate a wider socio-political concern whilst reflecting on their own relationship to the subject matter.

Virtual Map Artworks:
Text Work
Visitors were asked the same two questions; ‘Why did you decide to vote for the first time? And ‘What politicised you?’. One one occasion, using voice dictation, the visitors’ answers were recorded but this tool is not always accurate and often picks up a fraction of the words spoken. This print demonstrates how flaws in technology can be used to generate works and translate information.

Throughout the residency visitors have plotted their answers to the political questions noted above on a virtual map, which has in turn been reproduced in a series of variations.

Transcript, written and performed by Amy Gillies, Bronwen Sharp and Maria Celina Val. Bringing together two separate texts to form an overlapping spoken word piece.

Amy Gillies recently completed an MFA in Fine Art from Kingston School of Art, where she also studied a BA Hons in Fine Art and Art History. Since graduating, Amy has exhibited at the Solace Summit 2019 in Birmingham with Shared Press. She lives and works in London.

Amy Gilles

Chloë Hurst is the founder of Articulate, a monthly Spoken Word evening based in Bermondsey. She graduated from Kingston School of Art with an MA in Art & Space in 2018 and from Cambridge School of Art with BA Hons Fine Art in 2017. Recently Chloë has shown work as part of kut ArtBook Fair. She lives and works in London.

Chloë Hurst

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