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The city is Deanna Fainelli’s muse and she creates art that documents the sides of urban life most of us ignore. Layering her hand printed images of everyday life with colorful abstract backgrounds, her mixed media paintings have a distinctive urban style. “Painting is my first love so I found a way to combine images with paint and other materials to create a really unique style”, said Fainelli.

summerglowSummer Glow

While Fainelli finds all of San Francisco’s iconic neighborhoods visually inspiring, she also is heavily influenced by her adventures exploring abandoned buildings and less traveled alleys of the city. Looking for colorful graffiti art, rust and decay, you will often find her roaming the side streets of the cities she visit on her travels. “I love anything rusted and abandoned–the history, patina and textures satisfy my curiosity and feed me visually. Plus there is just this child-like thrill I get from exploring abandoned spaces–it’s awesome.”

industrialcomplexIndustrial Complex

Occasionally Fainelli will get a commission for one of iconic landmarks like San Francisco’s Coit Tower and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge (a commission she happily has done more than a few times), but her true passion is capturing everyday scenes that touch people emotionally. As urban neighborhoods change so quickly, she also hopes her work will have historical significance down the road. “It would be pretty cool to look at my work in ten years and say, ‘Wow remember when they used to allow cars on Market Street in San Francisco'”, said Fainelli.

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