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‘Cutting Edge’ curated by Lula Valletta

An international collage group exhibition at coGalleries Fata Morgana

Vernissage 17 March 19:00
With the performance! “Because you’re worth it”
by Eva Elaine\.
Open: Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March from 12:00-18:00
Address: Gallery Fata Morgana, Torstraße 170, 10115 Berlin

24 Talented established and upcoming collage artists will participate in this exhibition.

Isabel Reitemeyer / Taher Jaoui / Linda Werner / NOIR / Lula Valletta / Betty Klaasse/ Jorge Chamorro /Lara Minerva / Aline Helmcke / Evelyn Bennet & Chris Rutter / ambush / Kai Holland / Miriam Temme / Eva Elaine / GlueGun / Natasja Alers / Leonor FaberRJonker / Lydia Mojzis / Stefan Schneider / Pascal Verzijl / Fabian Kretz / Caro Mantke / Alexander Dellantonio / D.M. Nagu

“Using collage, creating a new image that can provoke, irritate, surprise, or delight (often all at once) is as easy as that. The key is in the juxtaposition. A pop star on a holy cross. PinRup girls morphing into fish fingers. Skyscrapers dwarfed by flowers. To cut out images and make them into something new entirely, drastically altering their original connotations, the collage artist needs to be just a wee bit disrespectful. The act of cutting through the paper bodies of models, pop stars, and politicians to create a new image comes close to the urge shared by people the world over to scratch out, cut at, or draw obscenities over the cheerful faces featured in advertisements or school book pictures. For an artist, eager to make a statement, collage is the perfect angry art form.”

by Leonor Amelie Faber Jonker

The vernissage is also the release of Prophit Art Zine’s second issue PUNK that features 34 international contemporary collage artists.

Prophit Art Zine
‘Doorbells’ by Taher Jaoui
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