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Crystal Noir solo exhibition at Art @Bentall for February’s Black History Month

Vancouver, B.C. – Art @Bentall is happy to welcome Crystal Noir in her first solo show. The exhibition, titled The Fifth Element, focuses on strong Black subjects, delving into the theme of love and how it is the strongest element of all. Love and all that it entails—the obstacles, challenges and joys—are central in the stories Crystal tells through her paintings.

Crystal is a local emerging artist. Influenced by a professional background in fashion, she uses bold colour, imagery and symbolism to tell distinctive stories. Her oil paintings focus on the unique and complex stories of Black subjects, but are made purposely accessible for a broad audience. Her figures and accompanying metaphorical symbols are surreal in their presentation and invite her audience to find themselves within the context and themes of the individual and collective work.

Location: Art @Bentall, Suite 305, Underground Mall
Dates: February 1–28
Times: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

About Art Vancouver
Art Vancouver was founded in 2015 by the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation. This local non-profit works to promote local Vancouver and British Columbia artists both within their community and across the world.

Crystal Noir – Self Love

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