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Creativity to flight COVID-19

Houda Bakkali, the colour of hope and happiness

For these unprecedented times, the United Nations (UN) has promoted an initiative for worldwide creatives to get involved in spreading messages to help combat the coronavirus COVID-19 through art and creativity. Their artworks will promote the main recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO): personal hygiene, physical distancing, know the symptoms, kindness contagion, myth-busting and donation.

The digital artist Houda Bakkali has contributed to this solitary cause with one of her motion graphic called “Stay home and be creative” This work inspires optimism and energy, and brings us closer to the artist’s message:
“Stay home and be creative. Feel free, why not? Move your body, move your mind, dance, sing, cook, read, write, draw, play, create, dream. We will win the battle together. We are more and stronger. Use your energy to fight COVID-19. Add colour and imagination. Be positive. Be creative. Be patient. Stay home and stay happy.”

Official United Nations COVID-19 response site for creative content: link

Three other works, complete the colourful and optimistic artist battle against the pandemic. Through the artwork, “Stay save, stay happy”, Bakkali represents a hopeful headline. As the artist tells us: “This illustration is the victory we deserve. This illustration tells about a stopped time full of hope, responsibility, solidarity, friendship, memories and future. This artwork remembers that wonderful reflection of García Marquez: “No medicine cures what happiness cannot”. To fight COVID-19 it is essential to extreme hygiene, protect ourselves to protect others, keep the distance and break down the myths about this virus. To combat COVID-19, it is also essential to inform responsibly, create hopeful messages, invest energy in motivating headlines that help us to continue the battle. A battle we will win.”

Houda completes this series with two artworks, “Remember it’s easy”, a colourful illustration about the WHO recommendations. And “Time-Out” a conceptual motion graphics about this unprecedented time.

Houda Bakkali official website

Houda Bakkali – Email: hi [at] hbakkali.es

INSTAGRAM: @hbakkali_
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