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Beaten Barbie – Stop Domestic Violence

Male violence against women takes many forms and modes, although physical violence is the most easy to recognize, there is also sexual violence, psychological and economic.

There is not a profile of the woman-kind who suffers violence. The theme of violence against women is unfortunately an issue which today is much talk. According to Istat data (updated in June and related to 2014), are 6,788,000 the women who have suffered, lifetime, form of physical or sexual violence, 31.5% of women between 16 and 70. Almost one on three women. 20.2% have been victims of physical violence, 21% sexual violence, 5.4% of the most severe forms of abuse such as rapes (something 652,000 cases) and attempted rapes (746,000). The molesters are in most cases (76.8%) unknown, but 62.7% of rapes are committed by a current or former partner. 10.6% of women have suffered sexual violence before they were 16.

Lady Be, through her work “Beaten Barbie – Stop Domestic Violence “, wants to make people who look the work think about this important and timely topic. Thanks to her particular technique of the Contemporary Mosaic, the artist reconstructs the face of a Barbie beaten, full of bruises and wounds. Many consider the woman a doll to be treated as a toy and “throwing away” or abuse when one is tired of her. Many faces appear on the work, to symbolize the many women forced to endure daily violence, faces covered with bruises, scars, patches with lips swollen and bleeding. Other elements that appear, are just fists and hands of men, instruments used to punish the helpless and frightened woman. This work aims to be a true Art Manifesto. Art that joins the struggle that each day is made by associations which are close to women who have suffered violence.

It was chosen the Barbie icon because it is a symbol associated to the woman for about 60 years, and universally recognized. The work of Lady Be, characterized by the use of plastic toys, the Barbie, typically perfect in her plastic beauty, it is humanized by the signs that violence leaves on her body, no longer of plastic.

Beaten Barbie is not only a work of art, is a picture of the situation that today the world is living. Lady Be presents a preview of this work during the Triennial of Contemporary Art in Verona Art fair in June from 9th to 12th, 2016.

Triennale of Contemporary Art June 9th-12th 2016
Viale del Lavoro 8
37135 Verona

Lady Be lives and works in Rome. After the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts, her Contemporary Art starts with artistic use of recycled materials. Since 2010 she exhibited in major art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2013 she staged a curious performance: all the spectators were called to remove the pieces from the installation leaving the subjects completely “naked.” In 2014, the turning point came with two major exhibitions: one in New York and the other on the Eiffel Tower. She’s present in several art fairs, art magazines, catalogs and numerous newspapers talk about her success.

Lady Be Website

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