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Complex taste experience

How many people have complex with their faces, body and emotions? Some people begins suicide or self-destruction ways. Many people had bad experience being in life. Many people feels pressed or stacked in they lives. Many people feels to be hanging upside down in their life situations.

The projects creates the atmosphere of disordered people, which communicates to each other with their own personal issues. The installation explores the unity of broken community, which translates to the artworks and reflects the playfulness creativity.

Believing in creativity through the pain and tiers, which is powerful gun against the personal issues. Installation shows that “ugly” could be a “beauty” , when creativity plays by itself between the mediums, shapes, situations and poor colours.

Installation experience mental states of human’s emotions. Crushed, disorder faces plays all around the space, which explores the suicide and self- distraction ideas of humanity’s thoughts. Mostly, In the installation motivates black and white colours, which showing dark side of humanity. Creating dialogue between the different body of artworks.
Making work using paper, metal, paints, fabric, charcoal and plinths. In the body of works dominates technique, which merges drawing and sculpture together by making art practice from 2 dimensional drawings to 3 dimensional sculptures of faces. Adding fabrics and plinths to make more action and playfulness game in the installation.

Evaldas Gulbinas finished two art schools in Lithuania. Afterwards moved to London Uk, where he started tattooing by taking tattoo apprenticeships. Also he has graduated in foundation Art and Design at West thames college and Bachelors degree in fine art mixed media at University of Westminster, London, Uk. At the moment, Evaldas Gulbinas finishing Masters Degree in Fine arts at Chelsea college of Arts in University of the Arts London. Through this academic art studies Evaldas Gulbinas successfully working as a professional tattoo artist in different tattoo parlours in London, United Kingdom. As well he is being active producing art for art exhibitions.

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