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Collagistas Festival Photo Release

Collagistas Festival is an annual celebration of collage art in all it’s glory. It’s about collage artists from all over the world who meet each other once a year, organise workshops, music concerts and present one brand new work of collage art, never shown before on the internet or in any gallery. After our successful trips to Berlin and Thessaloniki, we now visit Eindhoven, The Netherlands!

Collagistas Festival

Photos: Christian Barthold, Rob, Lane, Giorgos Chronis, Tanja Ulbrich, Raffaello Pacini

Participatig Artists:

Rob Benders Regentag (The Netherlands), Lane (Greece), Denis Schäfer (Germany), Demos Tsormpatzoglou (Greece), Kai Holland (Germany), Noir (Germany), Avi Yair (Israel), Wim Maes (Belgium), Silvio Severuino (Brazil), Joshua van Iersel (The Netherlands), Tinca Ve9erman (The Netherlands), Chris Rutter/Evelyn Bennett (U.K), Walter Paganuzzi​ (Italy), Giorgos Chronis (Greece), Emidio Bernardone (Italy), Aline Helmcke (Germany), Stefan Schneider / dasherrschneider (Germany), Ann Witters (Belgium), Smith Smith (France), Adrienne Geoghegan (Ireland), Maria João Faustino (Portugal), Christian Barthold (Germany), Lydia Mojzis (Germany), Moni Wilk​ (Poland), Linda Werner (Germany), Steve Tierney (Australia), Raffaello Pacini (Italy), Taina B (The Netherlands), Holger Becker (Germany), Sophie Vanhomwegen (Belgium), Una Gildea (Ireland), Pascal Verzijl (The Netherlands), Jitka Kopejtkova (Czech Republic), Zarka Ro-Nalt (The Netherlands), Schrauwen (The Netherlands), Agst’n (Argentine), Tanja Ulbrich (Canada), Anna Sandalaki (Greece), PhilX (Belgium)

Collagistas Festival
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