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Closer to Heaven – Solo show by Carles G.O’D.

Curated by Marco Cirillo Pedri

Opening Friday 14th June at 6pm
The artist will be present at the opening
Tekè Gallery

Via Santa Maria 13 c/d, 54033 Carrara (MS) Italy
From 14th of June to 3rd of August 2019


Friday 14th June, Tekè Gallery is pleased to present Closer to Heaven, the personal exhibition of the young Spanish illustrator and cartoonist Carles G.O’D. in its spaces in Carrara. The exhibition, which opens at 6pm and will be still visible until 3th August, consists of a substantial series of works including b/w and colour drawings; original drawings taken from his comics, including “Metamorfosis“; up to the screen prints and to the offset and gliclée prints taken from important long-term projects such as “Úter” and “The Rise and Fall of Eden“, which in 2018 takes the form of a magnificent leporello, “Closer to Heaven“, screen printed by Strane Dizioni.

Shangaluf detail

Faithful to the line, Tekè Gallery, for the 5th year of activity, continues its in-depth study and promotion of important and original artistic personalities of the international underground scene, proposing for the first time in Italy the young Spanish talent Carles García O’Dowd (Palma, 1988) better known as Carles G.O’D. Born at the end of the 80s, the Spanish author, who in the recent years is finding more and more success and appreciation in the alternative comics festivals dedicated to the self-production worldwide, fully represents another generational leap of all that underground cultural movement born in the comic strip from the Sixties. His works have been exhibited over the last few years in Spain, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy and China, but at this moment the exhibition proposed by Tekè Gallery is the most complete so far dedicated to him.

Through the exposition of a corpus of over one hundred works, we highlight the peculiarities of the author, who moves in the world of the web, of social media, of communication that is becoming ever faster and more immediate. In the works of G.O’D the observer is kidnapped by the strong graphic ability to freely, rawly, without filters, represent the social and moral problems that afflict modern civilization by using characters and situations that are grotesque and almost unbelievable. The spectator is forced to immerse himself in infinite microworlds, made up of dozens of levels, situations, characters. An overcrowded illustrative universe that fully reflects the type of society we are experiencing and in which the spirit of the Spanish artist was formed, where everything is being simplified to allow people to be bombarded with even more stimuli and informations. Dialogue almost no longer exists and it is expressed only by short messages or icons, you must be rapid, immediate, always present, everywhere.

Witch-hunt serigraphy

In the illustrations of G.O’D. the characters often with smiling and disturbing faces, dedicated to every kind of perversion, are crushed by the context, they become a part of the scenography they live. Totally immersed and camouflaged in these large metropolises full of billboards and advertising writings. A universe on the edge of Cyberpunk that brings us back to the minds of the future imagined in the 70s by movies like Blade Runner in a world that, however, has a structure of maddened levels that continue to grow, change and become labyrinthine making us lose it as in the cabinet of Dr. Caligari.


Carles G.O’D., divine architect, builder and creator of this world, entrusts the word to pure graphics and meaning to the mind of the viewer, immersed in a world halfway between social problems and the pop culture of stratified mass. The artist manages to speak to us without words about strong themes that range from abortion to the problems linked to the mass tourism with a style that leaves ample space for imagination and, yet if the amount of informations never tires, allows us to appreciate every time the work as if it were the first time we look at it, always discovering new details and situations that we had missed at first. To fully appreciate the non-verbal communication created by Carles in his works, just immerse yourself in the Úter project (created in collaboration with Tonina Matamalas), a giant illustration that talk about the problems related to the debate on abortion in Spain. The theme, which is still experienced as a taboo in many parts of the world, has been developed in illustration through stories, testimonies, debates opened by people and translated by the author into a continuous universe that passes from history to history, from testimony to testimony, transmitting everything we need to know and about which we should ask ourselves.

Carles G.O’D. is witness of the times that are changing, is the narrator of our world that risks every day to shatter and crumble under the weight of their images.

New Beginning, serigraphy

The exhibition will be completed with the monographyCloser to Heaven“, dedicated to the artist by the gallery and published by Tabularasa Edizioni, accompanied by the curatorial text of Marco Cirillo Pedri, also editor of the graphic design, with the critical introduction of the architect, author, and one of the founders of CRACK! Festival, Valerio Bindi and with the biography curated by Stefano Dazzi Dvořák.

During the vernissage the artist will be present for the signature-copies and dedications of all his publishing products.

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Tabularasa Edizioni, Strane Dizioni, Bisso Edizioni for the co-edition of the monography, and Tabularasa s.r.l. for the logistics. Finally, for the inauguration event we thank the Holiday Inn band and the Ligurian-Tuscan winery Terenzuola, which with its fantastic wines will gratify the palates of our audience during the vernissage.

Communication manager Alessandra Ioalè
Coordinator Juan Carlos Allende
Fittings by Ilario Caliendo

Tekè Gallery
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