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Call for students and young artist_Air Land 2.0 – Torino (Italy)

During the Festival “Fo.To-Fotografi a Torino”, Quasi Quadro Association, in collaboration with “GTT-Gruppo Torinese”, announces the first artistic contest, with an exhibition on the “Dentera”, the historical train Sassi-Superga: Air Land 2.0.

The contest is for young artists or students of Visual Art Academies: two of the eight winners will be chosen between the students of Italian and foreign Art Academies.

The members of the Giury are artists, curators, Academy teachers and Art critics.

The winner will expose in Turin, with a solo-exhibition on the Quasi Quadro Gallery, during the period of Artissima 2019.

Quasi Quadro wonders if it’s possible to promote this event in your Magazine. We attach to the email the call of the competition and the application form. For all the information visit www.quasiquadro.eu or contact us on info  [at] quasiquadro.eu.

Quasi Quadro is a cultural association founded in Turin by a multidisciplinary group dedicated to the research of artistic and creative experiences in the contemporary field.

Quasi Quadro produces projects, laboratories, workshops, experiences, research, contaminations, experiments. The aim is to create bridges in, from, for a community – already established or in progress – through a creative process that transverses disciplines and knowledge.

Quasi Quadro
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