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Longtime favorite Zenith Gallery Artist Peter Kephart captures transcendental moments on vulnerable sheets of paper, in a process that is equal parts art and alchemy. Join Zenith Gallery, for a solo exhibit, celebrating the “FirePaintings” of Kephart – mixed media works that are very personal, and yet, surprisingly universal.

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For Peter Kephart, the hidden fire is the fire within, the creative flame that sparks the imagination and burns brightly even when unseen. By coupling his searing drive for creativity with the element of fire manifest, and combining these with the fundamental forces of water, earth, and wind, Peter Kephart creates singular and unprecedented artworks of astonishing natural beauty and emotive power.

Burning BrighterPhoto: Daniel Cima

These Fireworks, which are burned on paper over the sizzling remnants of a bonfire, captivate the viewer with their incredible luminescence, their conveyance of almost tangible energy, and their supremely organic appearance. The often-overwhelming allure of the natural world seems suspended in time and place in every piece, giving us glimpses into the creative power of nature herself.

And these artworks are about so much more than just environmental or aesthetic beauty. Kephart’s FirePaintings speak to the viewer on many levels. They reveal both the formative and the destructive power of the elements. They attest to the abstract, which is naturally inherent in all things. They portray the potentially damaging and sometimes rejuvenating effects of increased ambient temperatures on the earth and its infinite vistas. They present visions of the consequences to our planet resulting from the manipulation and exploitation of the same by man. They suggest views into the future, and they symbolize the single-handed rebirth and reinvention of an artistic tradition, dating back countless centuries, by one of the most original and innovative artists of our time.

peter 23left to right: Near the End of Verdant; Late Summer Gold in the Rust Belt; Abstract Natural #13

The FirePaintings of Peter Kephart render the hidden fire visible. They challenge our ideas of how paintings are made, and represent the very nature of painting. Kephart’s Fireworks must be seen to be believed, and even so, you will call them unbelievable. You’ve never seen paintings like these.

To quote 20th Century poet Zae Black and her poem Hidden Fire: “There has always been a burning fire and there always will be one. You cannot find the hidden fire in your heart (but) You can never get rid of a fire that can’t be put out.”

Peter Kephart website Zenith Gallery

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