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Burgers & Budz & Art by Meredith Price


Sunday September 17th, 2017, while the rest of Hollywood was caught up in Emmy fever, a select group of cannabis enthusiasts gathered at Jeff Hamilton’s Studio DTLA to share some Vegan Burgers, Medicated Sweets, Tacos, Tapas, Craft Beer, Wine, CBD infusions and great art. Brought to you by California Weed Blog, Vegan Food Share and Vegan Weed Share and hosted by Robby Devine, this was a super fun and inspiring event. The California Weed Blog is Made up of a Group of individuals that range in expertise covering everything from Cultivation, Processing, and Cannabis Policy to professional Chefs who appreciate the medicinal and flavor aspects of Cannabis. In business since 2016 the company is owned and operated by it’s founders and employees alike.

Henry’s Originals


Rappit Up!

The walls were filled with art that was leftover from the September 2nd Street Art Fair and Live Painting was conducted by Meghan ‘M’ Hall, Crystal Lyn, Carlos Sosa, Johnny Otto, Svetlana Penrose & Joshua Cade, all amazingly gifted Artists, each with their own unique style and vision, coming together to form a happy community. And happy it sure was. There was literally a haze of happiness in the air, as not a single hand was not without a joint, a beer and some yummy vegan food. Did I mention the divine fudge and the Cheesy Peasy Danky Mac by Danky’s Vegan?!! So good. There was so much good food, edibles and budz from the dozen or so vendors that included Tia Lisa, Hello Fruit Farm, The Flavor Caterer, Herban Nectar, Shugah Mama, Higher Heights Garden, Lively Soul, Betty Kronic, Danky’s, Island Canna Co., Sunshine California, Grandi Flora Genetics, Clean Green Certified, Vegan Food Share, Henry’s Original, Taqueria Venganza, Dab Dudes California, Rappit Up and others. Sorry If i missed you. So much good stuff that I did’t get to try everything. And all of it surrounded by magnificent art by local Artists.

Carlos Sosa, Meghan ‘M’ Hall & Johnny Otto at M’s installation

Fan enjoying Johnny Otto’s painting installation

One of the stand out Artists, and a very innovative way to approach live painting, was Crystal Lyn who chose to shield herself in a large box and paint on its glass wall. All you could see was the shadow of her arm as it moved behind the glass and suddenly images, like clouds, appeared on the surface of the glass. Very cool. When asked about her approach, she replied, “I painted inside the box to make others look outside the box. Others look outside the box and see that the life around us is surreal and there’s magic in everything.” Crystal Lyn is a self-taught artist born who was raised in Wichita, KS but now calls Los Angeles her home. Crystal Lyn’s art is inspired by the ups and downs of day-to-day life, growing and evolving with each and every experience. She also had to overcome sexual abuse and homelessness but you’d never know it by her gracious smile and spirit. Her thoughtful abstract artwork focuses primarily on black and white images as a representation of thoughts unwinding in an uncontrollable, nonstop flow and allows space for her audience to feel emotions not influenced by color. Her inspirations are Matisse, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Nagy.

Crystal Lyn painting inside her glass-walled booth

Svetlana Penrose

Joshua Cade

Curating the music was Chuck D Supreme / Charles Dickson is a professional DJ and MC based in Los Angeles. He started his career as a DJ over a decade ago. He really took time to create a good vibe and feel the crowd, helping to make it a special night for everybody.

DJ Chuck D Supreme

Guests trying some Vegan food


Tia Lisa Edibles

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