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Breach: Cloud Conversation 4

Curated by Anne Murray

A part of the 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale: Be My Guest, which is founded by Anna Buyvid and Anna Khodorkovskaya

Now, is the time to talk about it! Breach is an exhibition about the overt and covert issues of sexism, racism, and xenophobia that lie just beneath the surface or are thrust right in our faces, but we often avoid talking about them. It’s purpose is to spark dialogue about the growing development of intolerance in the United States and in the middle east towards differences and the basic human rights that are constantly being blocked from others because of their race, sex, or national origins.

This exhibition is composed of a solo show of the work of artist Joshua Dylan Rubin in Brooklyn and a workshop dialogue between Rubin and artist Gözde Kirksekiz in Istanbul, Turkey, which will be moderated by curator and artist, Anne Murray. The exhibition will take place in a Brooklyn studio, while the dialogue will take place through the Cloud between the artists on a digital platform. This conversation will be a part of a workshop where visitors will be invited to join the discussion, observe the work of Rubin, and discuss with him and Kirksekiz through a Skype call, what are the current issues that they address in their work about sexism, racism, and xenophobia and how are they different or the same in respect to the current political environments in both of their countries. They will be asked, specifically, to address the relationship between the creation of this type of daring and insightful work and the interpretation of it as civil disobedience in Turkey and acceptable dogma in the United States. This exhibition and conversation is a part of Cloud Conversations, which is curated by Anne Murray, bringing together artists from around the world in conversation to inspire new work and to influence the world towards positive change through art.

Solo show of the paintings from his series, Exposed Human Attitudes, by Joshua Dylan Rubin.

450w17th-7450 W17th-7, painting by Joshua Dylan Rubin

A workshop dialogue with video and performance artist Gözde Kirksekiz online from Istanbul, Turkey and Joshua Dylan Rubin in the Brooklyn studio exhibition, with an invited audience to participate and ask questions from the Brooklyn studio. Curator Anne Murray will moderate the discussion and will show a short film by Kirksekiz as an introduction to her work.

The exhibition space will be both Rubin’s studio in Brooklyn and the virtual environment of the Cloud.

Show opens: Friday Oct. 21st and runs until November 20th

Reception: Friday Oct. 28th, 6pm to 9pm

Artist talk: Sunday November 6th, noon (NYC time)

Open Studio Days: Thursdays & Fridays 6 to 9pm, Saturdays 12-5pm, or by appointment, contact Joshua Dylan Rubin for exhibition visit: joshuadylan@gmail.com, +1347-844-0200

Cloud Conversations
Anne Murray, artist and curator of Cloud Conversations
Joshua Dylan Rubin, artist for the solo show
Gözde Kirksekiz, video and performance artist

Address for the studio:
Joshua Dylan Rubin’s Studio,
6 Bay Street, Brooklyn NY 11231, in Red Hook Brooklyn, enter on the side entrance on Otsego Street. Closest subways are the Carroll St. or Smith-9th St. stops on the F and G train lines.


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