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Open Call

BMB Sculpting, in its commitment to art and culture, announces in its first edition, the BMB INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE AWARD 2019, according to the following bases:

1st. All artists over eighteen years of age, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, may participate in this contest.

2nd. Each participant may submit a single work of which he is the author and owner.

3rd. The theme of the sculptures will be the portrait, being the free artistic style. The submitted works must be original and not awarded in any other contest, exhibition, viewing, pass or public exhibition of any kind.

4th. The works must meet the following technical requirements regardless of their artistic style:
• The measurements will not exceed 100cm (h). X 100cm X 100cm • The material will be free, provided that it can be transported and handled without prejudice to its integrity or to the
persons in charge of handling it. Pieces containing glass or brittle materials will be out of competition. • The maximum weight of the work will not exceed 50 kilograms. • The works can
be disassembled. In which case a descriptive report will be necessary for its correct assembly, which will be sent attached to the work if it is selected.

5th. The registration period will be open from May 1 to October 1, 2019, at 23:59 (time zone Spain, GMT + 2: 00), both inclusive.

6th. The following awards are established: • 1st indivisible prize endowed with the amount of € 2,000 (TWO THOUSAND EUROS). • Accésit endowed with € 200 (TWO HUNDRED EUROS) sponsored by D’ART CREATIVE STORE for the purchase of artistic material in your store.

7th. The online registration of the works will be made through the web www.bmbsculpting.com Each participant must send a PDF document with at least 5 images of the finished work, which may not exceed 10 MB. In addition, you must attach the statement that is in Annex I of these bases. Once the registration period is closed, BMB Sculpting will make a selection of 20 works among all the received works.

8th. Two forms of online registration are established: • Free registration. Participants who present images where the use of the BMB mannequin to model the portraits will opt for this option. • Registration with fee. A participation fee of € 18 (eighteen euros) is established for those who have not used the BMB mannequin in terms of participation, organization and exhibition expenses.

9th. BMB Sculpting will contact the selected artists to send the original of the work within a month for their participation in the exhibition BMB INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE AWARD 2019.Not sending the work means losing the prize options.

10th. In the event that a work does not match the one presented in the registration or had some type of defect not appreciated, it will be rejected automatically.

11th. The jury of the BMB INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE AWARD 2019 will be composed of personalities from the artistic, cultural and academic world, and will be announced on the day of the awards ceremony. The jury will decide the winning entries from among the selected ones anonymously.

12th. The decision of the jury will be unappealable and will be made public during the opening of the collective exhibition of the selected works.

13th. The prizes will be subject to the provisions of the current regulation on tax matters and their amount will be delivered personally to the beneficiaries or to the person delegated, at
the opening ceremony of the exhibition BMB INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE AWARD 2019. The winning works will become property of BMB Sculpting, to which its authors will give free of charge the exploitation rights of their work in the modalities of reproduction, public communication and distribution.

14th. Once the exhibition BMB INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE AWARD 2019 is closed, the works will be sent to their authors at the address they specify within a month. The shipping costs of the works, including transport insurance and customs duties, if any, will be borne by the participant, as well as the return costs once the exhibition is closed. After the deadline for collection, the works that have not been claimed will become property of BMB Sculpting that may dispose of them as it deems appropriate.

15th. BMB Sculpting will not subscribe any insurance that covers possible deterioration of the works; however, it will place maximum zeal in the care and conservation of the same during the time they remain in its custody, but declines all responsibility for loss, damage, theft or any other act that may occur during its transportation, storage or exhibition, as well as because of inadequate packaging. The packaging, on behalf of the artist, must meet the necessary characteristics to allow easy opening and closing as well as for its reuse in the transfer to the exhibition and for its subsequent return.

16th. The participation in BMB INTERANTIONAL SCULPTURE AWARD 2019 implies the total acceptance of the bases, phases and decision of the jury.

17th. Any of the unforeseen circumstances in these bases will be resolved at the discretion of the jury and the person delegated by BMB Sculpting.

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