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Audio-Visual Sculptural Installation, 2018

BLUE LARGE-AMPLITUDE PULSATOR STAR by Roman Lusciov & Silvia Cascione
Audio-Visual Sculptural Installation, 2018 

Atacama Observatory, Chile, 2013.

A team of astronomers researching the anomalies in the pulsation of some stars, in scientific terms, refer to a pulsating star as a star close to fading. These anomalies recorded by astronomers in the Chilean desert, lead to a definition of the duration of the pulsation time intervals that can be around the fraction of a second, or reach the duration of millions of years. The stars are no longer fixed and absolute entities, but they also show they have a transience and variability that unites them to the destiny of man.

The flickering of the celestial bodies punctuates the breath of the universe. The viewer is immersed in the darkness of the galaxy, blinded by intense fluorescent irradiation, and is catapulted into the sidereal body.

A place where star and man can breathe in unison, reflecting on the transience of existence.

The rhythm of the pulsations is stressed by the sounds of space, the result of the interpretation by the artists, the sound element emphasizes and enriches the experience, giving the perception of being in a celestial body.

Cascione & Lusciov

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