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“Blood and Lines” by Evaldas Gulbinas

I am Evaldas Gulbinas. I’ve finished two art schools back days in Lithuania. I am a fine artist and tattoo artist currently based and working in London, UK. Academically, I’ve achieved Foundation in Art and Design at West Thames College and BA fine art-mixed media at University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom. I currently working on two tattoo parlours based in London. At the same time, I am studying Masters in Fine art at the University of the Arts London. During covid-19 is hard, but flexible time. I create artworks randomly from any materials, I find. For me, again – is like playing a game.

I try to mix my ideas with materials by expressing contemporary- covid time. I run from Tattoo studio to University on the same day, sometimes. Ideas come to my head naturally and give me the power to create and express my self. At the moment, sometimes tattoo studios get closed, so I focus on my art at the University of the Arts London. Or, University gets closed during a covid time- so I focus on tattooing. Sometimes I feel chaos in London, which makes me be more creative. I get more ideas and inspiration. University of the Arts London is awesome. I like it a lot. Here are art communities which I discovered by attending the classes. Studying Master of Fine art makes me feel happy, gives me an opportunity to meet more people and explore new possibilities. By during covid 19 times, is a big challenge for all of us. We have to be strong and go over this. Personally, I am doing everything as before and trying to push the boundaries towards. In this time, I get upset or stress, but it doesn’t stop me to be myself and create…

My current project is about “Lines and Blood”. This theme, I create through painting, drawing, tattooing, sculpture and mixed media work. I try to mixed fine art with tattooing because I don’t have other choices at the moment, as I need to work in the tattoo industry and do fine art. Project “Blood and Lines” came to my head by the idea of making a lot of customer’s tattoos inline designs. “Blood” I see every day. After, I understood, that we all bleed in our ways. “-I need to bleed to create art”. The simplicity of the art is very important to me. When you have original ideas and convert it to the simple design of any media, you choose- it just strikes to the world and gets alive…I currently working in tattoo parlours by creating work for the University of the Arts London. I think is the only way to mixed art and tattoo concepts together. The most exciting thing is that I am enjoying so much! Being still alive in arts and tattoos.

Evaldas Gulbinas – born in Lithuania, currently live and work in London, UK. Graduated from the University of Westminster, London, UK with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Mixed Media. Participant of numerous exhibitions; his artworks focus on painting, sculpture, tattooing and spatial activities. The main motif in the artist’s works comprises geometric forms, processed in different ways, constituting elements of painting, sculpture and installation, as well as tattoo art present in the performance. In these works, geometric impressions of Evaldas Gulbinas, we can see a delightful play of colours and forms. Cut off from three-dimensional reality, they attract our attention with precision, brightness and flashiness In his works there is a very strong abstract art conception, mixed with contemporary art details such as light sculptures, ideas of minimalism and the relationship between art, craft, and tattooing. Evaldas Gulbinas art is the invisible but feel-able connection with dance and house music – the neon lights of his artworks are pulsating in dance rhythm this way creating never-ending vibration of colours.

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