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BINOMIO solo show by Marcos Navarro

8th March – 2nd April 2017, Miscelanea Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

BINOMIO it’s an art project in continuous development.

I make a reflexion about the status of humans, as well as the relationship between our own past, present and future. Our bond with the animals, plants or minerals, and how we influence each other.

I consider the process a decisive moment in the execution of the artwork. I use to work through juxtaposed elements, it helps me to assembly points between them, and create new issues to think about.

It’s interesting to think about our development in the environment, and how we act differently according to the social interest, needs, vices, culture or stigmas. Reflect on the origins of human character, or “acquired” thoughts over the time. Social standards placed before the free thoughts, the balance between the real and the imaginary.

In the project “Binomio”, through a serial of images, I’m showing some savage characters, primitive botanical elements, or animals that evoke a mystical connection and a retrospective insight to the evolution.

When I develop my personal work, I try to delve into global issues from my own insight, my latest paintings reflects the human evolution and our connection with nature. I find interesting the research of juxtaposed concepts.Marcos Navarro

Marcos Navarro spent his childhood between pencils and markers, always drawing in his sketchbook. Once in his adolescence, he started painting graffiti, a rising movement in his hometown Barcelona.

He studied illustration in the “Paul Gargallo” art school. As soon as he finished his studies started to work for huge fashion brands, illustrating and making patterns, following the latest trends around the world.

Currently he is working as a freelance illustrator for independent and international brands, music labels and advertising agencies. He spends most of his time developing his personal work, painting walls, and surfing.

Influenced by the urban subcultures from his city, Barcelona, as well as the wild nature of the sea in the Basque Country, where he lives and works.

Marcos Navarro Website
Photographer: Pablo Axpe

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