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Alketa Ramaj (Albania), Estanislao Florido (Argentina), Tracy Moffat (Australia) Virginia Ryan & Steven Feld (Australia/USA), Zlatolin Donchev&Anto.Millotta (Bulgaria/Italy), Patricia Claro (Chile), Filippo Berta (Italy), Francesco Candeloro & Arthur Duff (Italy/USA), Fabrizio Passarella (Italy), Phoebe Boswell (Kenya), Zaneta Vangeli (Macedonia), Hamish MacLean, Kelly Michael, Scott McFarlane, Jason Taylor (New Zealand), Tim Parchikov (Russia), Franziska Megert (Switzerland), Murat Cinar (Turkey), Andriy Sydorenko (Ukraine)


From 30th September 2017 to 25th February 2018
MON – Museu Oscar Niemeyer
Memorial de Curitiba

Curitiba – BRASIL

On 30th September 2017 the Bienal de Curitiba 2017 opens in different places of the city, the biggest contemporary art event set in Latin America, carried out by the Ministry of Culture of Brasil (MinC), by the Governmennt and the Municipality of Curitiba.

• The Biennal
The Biennal of Curitiba 2017 is entitled “Antipodes – Excess image” and it intends to show the “Diversity” or “the Opposites “, topics for consideration of this edition, they represent “not just a limit among the means of artistic expression but even a limit among cultures. Limits that are never definitive, where outward and return, plural meetings and sinergies created by the comparison of different, distant points of view, even against the others meet. According to Deleuze: transversality realizes unifying the differences” (quote Ticio Escobar).

On the occasion of this event Massimo Scaringella will curate the video selection entitled: VISÃO EXPANDIDA (EXPANDED VISION) where he has selectioned a wide range of artists using the video as an expression mean in provided rooms of MON – Museo Oscar Niemeyer and in the Memorial of Curitiba.

The cornerstone of our time is the dynamic dimension of the rapid exchange between art and science, continually updating the output in humanity’s most cherished asset: information. The visual trend in the third millennium is conveyed through an action in arts and aesthetics aimed at continued update, which becomes essential for following the rapid pace of contemporary formal changes. In this sense, Video is certainly one of the most thorough media in current art language. Video art has become one of the major languages in contemporary expression, as the urge has grown among artists to “go beyond the painting field” without giving up the visual specificities. The possible articulations of the new medium are capable of involving presence and continuity of the time dimension and of transcending mere space in the analysis of reality. It does so by mixing at the same time painting, photography and film. And, lately, with the introduction of “augmented reality” or 3D, we can already talk about the “third dimension” in video art, as in sculpture. This video exhibition offers, therefore, a conceptual analysis of these expanded views present in our time, showing some linguistic and technical aspects of video as an art medium today.


Massimo Scaringella is a contemporary art independent curator and cultural events organizer. For over thirty years of activity in Italy and abroad he has presented numerous Italian and foreign artist.
Born in Rome on 1953, he lives in Rome and Buenos Aires. He curated or collaborated with more than 250 contemporary art exhibitions in 40 countries, thus creating an exchange bridge between Italian art and the rest of the world, particularly in Latin America, Where he has collaborated for years with the major centers dedicated to Contemporary Art. He has been Artistic Director of the 4th edition of the End of the World Biennial 2014/2015. He is Director and founder of ‘ars maxjer contemporanea – vanguardist cultural projects’ and in 2017 he has been appointed curator of the National Pavilion of Ivory Coast at the 57th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.


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