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Entre Nosotros (Between Us) Variation I

Lionel Cruet & Sofía Reeser del Rio

Entre Nosotros (Between Us) Variation I, is an audio-visual and interactive, recreating the illusion of a beach environment stuck in time, wrapped around in an indoor space, using video projections, sounds, lights, a floor covered in sand and a scattered objects that reminds us of the contradictions of space, culture and rituals that take place in the edge where the land and ocean meet.

This art installation is supported in part by SPRING/BREAK Art Show, and we want to thank Lincoln Center Education and The Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice (DIAP) MFA program at The City College of New York for its support.

Lionel Cruet was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and received his Bachelor in Fine Arts from La Escuela de Artes Plásticas en Puerto Rico and a Masters in Fine Arts from CUNY – The City College of New York. He was the recipient of the Juan Downey Audiovisual Award in 2013 at the 11th Media Arts Biennale at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile. In 2015 had a solo show, Lionel Cruet: In Between, Real and Digital with Bronx River Art Center in New York. His artwork have been part of notable exhibition such as SuperReal: Alternative Realities in Photography and Video at El Museo del Barrio in New York, Colonial Comfort at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico and the Sound Art Fair (Feria de arte sonoro) at Sala de las Artes, Universidad de Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico among others. In 2017 his work will be exhibited at the AIM Biennale, The Bronx Museum of the Arts and his projects has been published by Made in Mind Magazine, POSTmatter, designboom. His work focuses in subjects of geopolitics crossing metaphors nature and technology, using audio-visual material, performance, and installations.

Lionel Cruet

Sofía Reeser del Rio is an emerging curator, from Culebra, Puerto Rico. She is currently appointed as Curatorial Assistant at El Museo del Barrio in New York City. Sofia developed and manages the Artists in Residency program at El Museo, the Lucky Sevens Art Salon, and the Portfolio Reviews. She has worked on important exhibitions including Antonio Lopez: Future Funk Fashion (2016), Illusive Eye (2016), Marisol (2015), Pa’Lante: Young Lords in New York (2015), Museum Started Kit: Open with Care (2013), La Bienal (2013). Most notably she was invited to work on the exhibition Yoko Ono: Land of Hope in Mexico City, at Museo Memoria y Tolerancia, with curator Gunnar B. Kvaran, and artist Yoko Ono and as curator of the Puerto Rican region for the international videoart festival Between Islands (Entre Islas); project manager of the book, Imago Mundi – “Caribbean: Together Apart”, a collaboration between El Museo del Barrio and the Benetton Foundation.
She studied Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras, she continue her studies and received a BFA and Art History from Pratt Institute. Sofía has been involved in programs with Marqueta Retoña, Los Muros Hablan (Walls Speak) and most recently her participation on the artist residency, TrueQué in Ayampe, Ecuador.

Sofía Reeser del Rio
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