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Begian artist makes a sailing art installation.

Sails to London and hangs a lifebuoy on Buckingham Palace.

Herck’s interactive Euro Vision performance throws a life buoy at the sinking ship Europe. Arriving from Belgium, the Euro Vision boat sailed along the legendary River Thames. Herck marked the end of his project by chaining a life buoy to the gates of Buckingham Palace.

The performance is not nescessarily pro or anti- Europe, but serves as an eye-opener. The artist, internationally renowned for his ‘Holy Cow’ project in Kuttekoven, Belgium (2017), often makes socially related works providing a dialogue between people. The medium of the Euro Vision project is a two-masted 42-foot sailing ship.

In his usual satirical manner, the artist transformed the yacht into a contemporary Viking ship, replacing the Viking shields by 28 contemporary life buoys. The traditional woodcraft shields placed inside the buoys are ornamented with coat of arms of every EU country. The 12 European stars per sail include one shooting star, the artist’s symbol for Brexit (23/6/2016), and the way this event insited a new course of separation and autonomy for Europe. Herck disembarked the ship in London at a tipping point in history when British political attitudes towards Europe shift to a more positive approach shaped by new ways of thinking about identity and place.

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