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Beauty & the Beast by István Nyári

NextArt Gallery

opening: 03 May 2017,
open until: 24 June 2017

NextArt Gallery
1054 Budapest, Aulich utca 4-6

Istvan Nyari, The Birds by Hitchcock & Me, 120x150cm, acrylic on canvas 2017

István Nyári’s oeuvre has left a unique mark on the international art realm of the last few decades. The solo exhibition at NextArt Gallery of the Munkácsy Prize-winning artist, who lives in both Budapest and London, showcases, among others, his most recent works for the first time in Hungary, putting an emphasis on his mixed media based art as well. Nyári’s style, identified with pop-surrealism, combines the rich details of hyperrealism together with the playfullness of the grotesque, sometimes bizarre compositions.

Istvan Nyari, Tribute to our unborn children, 150x200cm, acrylic on canvas, 2017

The futuristic figures, the plastic vintage toys, and the hectic sceneries appearing in his paintings are all integral parts of the dream-like vision, which holds a curved mirror to the image of the human fallibiliy and the greed of the consumerist society. Nyári’s opened fantasy world has a ruthless impact on the recipient, who scanning through the artworks with their primal curiosity, find themselves in a hallucination. His exhibition, titled „Beauty and the Beast” portrays this magical world, where the impossible becomes real and normality turns completely inside out. The idealizing childish naivety and the obscure extremes of the rawness of reality are both present in this duality of the displayed pieces. What also appears in his paintings is a more serious melancholic sensation, that inspite of the humor and irony, lies firmly within the layers of paint. In this infinite dimension, where all depicted characters have a their own stories, the Beauty and the Beast unite and compete in an existing psyche.

It’ not an easy task to see beyond the overcrowded, stimulating formations, however, if we succeed to find that very honest and human realization, that acknowledges decay, reason and the depths of the soul, that’s when we truly discover ourselves in the artworks of Nyári István. Since these notions speak to everyone, the ability to face them solely depends on the recipient’s self-critcism. Intention and reaction are equally emphatic in the art of Nyári. The viewer’s experience is what defines the weight of the artwork’s merit. Ultimately, all the artist does is hand us a very finely edited riddle full of references, that we can either decide to entertain ourselves with and become offended by, or perhaps join the game and try to solve it.

István Nyári NextArt Gallery
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