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Riccardo Matlakas

London– 18/01/2017– multidisciplinary artist Riccardo Matlakas performed a minimal version of his piece: “Sweet Thorn” finally, in the streets of London after having performed it in South Africa, South Korea and Italy.

Riccardo Matlakas walked from Westmister Bridge to Trafalgar square wearing a helmet made out of barbed wire and red roses. The walk lasted over an hour engaging with people encountered who immediately became integral part of the action. Matlakas slowly cuts the barbed wire in order to free himself, he said.

This artist explains that by the act of slowly giving the roses away and the cut piece of barbed wire, he frees him-self, in this case his head which has an analogy with the mind.

Matlakas highlights the importance of altruism in a world where there is no equality and privilege is dominant.

This action in fact wants to open people eyes about this matter and remind us that it’s time to change and it’s time to destroy all boundaries and walls in order to unify as one race: the human race, one nation: the world.

Sweet Thorn is only one of several performance actions made by the eclectic artist, which will continue to perform more actions internationally.

Riccardo Matlakas official website
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